Yamaha PSR-EW400

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The Yamaha PSR - EW400 keyboard is a 76 note keyboard with enhanced piano sound and speaker system. General specifications of the PSR-EW400 are similar to the smaller PSR-E453 model, but with the addition of a 76 note touch sensitive keyboard, additional high quality piano voice called 'Live' Grand Piano', double the amplification (12 W + 12 W) and dedicated stereo Line out connection (L / MONO, R). This keyboard is ideal for players who like the extended range for piano style playing, but with the conveninece and fun of backing rhythms, accompaniments and a huge choice of sounds for creating your own compositions. The enhanced Music Database has been and now offers more keyboard settings for famous song titles and there's a USB connection for recording AUDIO and MIDI information direct to your computer. - 76 keys keys with touch response - 237 voices + 24 Drum/SFX kits + 40 Apreggio + 457 XGlite voices - Live! GrandPiano voice - 220 styles - Music Database and One Touch Setting - 30 on-board songs + 70 songs online - Audio input with adjustable Melody Suppressor - 12W + 12W amplification - L&;R Outputs for connecting to a PA system - USB-to-Host and USB-to-Device; USB Audio - iOS apps available for your iPhone / iPad / iPodTouch* (*additional connecting cable required) - Dimensions: 1.178 x 138 x 412 mm - Weight: 8,4kg - Colour: Black Продукт известен още и като PSR EW 400, PSREW400, PSR EW400, PSR-EW 400
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