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Тип слушалкиДиадема
Тип връзкакабелни
Минимална честота11 Hz
Максимална честота29500 Hz
Чувствителност125 dB
Дължина на кабела150 см
Регулатор за усилванеНе
Тегло120 г

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Модел: Q460
Уникално качествен звук предоставен от AKG
Предоставят чудесна изолация от външния шум
Слушалките са съвместно дело на AKG и Куйнси Джоунс
Цитат на самият Куйнси Джоунс относно слушалките:
I visit more than a dozen countries every year, and these are the headphones I want with me. Quincy Jones
Слушалките се огъват безпроблено по 3D ос
Система: динамична
Дизайн: closed-back
Честотен обхват: 11Hz to 29.5kHz
Чувствителност: 125dB SPL/V
Max. input power: 30mW
Съпротивление: 32 Ohms
Дължина на кабела: 1.1 метра

Signature Edition Q460 mini headphones will connect you to your favorite music from virtually any portable player with all the dynamics you expect and Quincy Jones demands from the AKG brand. Designed for long hours of comfortable use, the Q460s fold flat for easy portability and feature a detachable, single-sided cable in two different lengths. We don’t think you’ll find a livelier, more accommodating traveling companion.

The best sounding on-ear headphone endorsed by Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones endorsed headphone that will connect you to your favorite music from virtually any portable audio device

Headphones that are built for travel

The Q460s’ featherweight design makes them the perfect partner for true mobility – an ideal match to any smartphone. Great sound, striking good looks and on-the-go durability, they’re equipped with ultra-comfortable ear-pads to promote long-term listening. The added benefit of their closed-back design is audible in a notable reduction in ambient sound – crystal-clear performance is yours for every important call.

QJ signature sound

As with all our products at AKG®, the first emphasis is the sound. The studio standard for decades, AKG has taken its legendary build quality and added an extra level of durability into the Q 460s to withstand the rigors of travel and heavy use. The Q 460s' 40mm high-excursion driver produces accurate, dynamic sound designed for high output. This means you get distortion-free, dynamic sound you can really feel in the lower frequencies. And with their remarkable linear frequency response and 99.99% oxygen-free cables, Q 460s reproduce reference-quality music exactly as the artist intended.

Comfortable and portable. By design.

Comfort and convenience are everything on the road. What good is a high-quality headset if it's too warm, too tight, doesn't sufficiently block out ambient noise or doesn't have the connectivity required to listen to your music across multiple platforms? Every detail of the Q 460s has been painstakingly designed to ensure you get studio quality sound, no matter where you go or how hard you travel. Supersoft, circumaural ear pads combine with the Q460s closed-back, lightweight design to block out most ambient noise and with our patented 3D-Axis2 folding mechanism, Q460s fold away flat into a hard carrying case for easy portability.

Driver Closed-back headphones
Frequency Response 11Hz-29.5kHz
Maximum Input Power 30 mW
Input Impedance 32 ohms
Sensitivity 125 dB SPL/V
AKG Easy Compare
Style On-ear
Sound QJ signature sound
Connectivity Wired
Smartphone control Iphone Продукт известен още и като Q 460
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