Energy Sistem Wireless BT8 Слушалки

Energy Sistem Wireless BT8 Слушалки

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Enjoy the Active Noise Cancelling technology. Listen to your music without annoying external noise.
Doesn't matter where you are: traveling, at the office or in your home, Isolates and enhances your music.
Easy sync with any Smartphone, either through Bluetooth® or NFC*.
Circumaural headphone with high quality pads that provides you with a comfortable fit and perfect isolation.
Unbelievable sound quality thanks to the apt-X technology (CD quality).
Enjoy your music with or without battery; thanks to the Line-In connector (3.4mm), you can keep listening to your music just connecting the audio cable (included) to your Energy Wireless BT8 and your music player.
Battery charging through any USB port.
Foldable headphone with included carrying bag so you can take them with you to anywhere.
Low energy consumption so you can enjoy up to 18 hours playing music continuously**.
Up to 10m of complete wireless freedom.
Easy sync with tablets, Smartphones, laptops, MAC, PC and any other Bluetooth® device, without security codes.

* The NFC technology is compatible with most popular Brands.

** The battery life is approximated. An increase in the volume is translated in an increment in energy consumption.

190 x 182mm.

Design: Closed.
Type: Dynamic.
Frequency-response: 20 Hz ~ 20 KHz.
SPL: 117±3dB.
Impedance: 32 Ohm.
THD < 1%.
Neodimium magnet.

Sensitivity: -42 DBm.

Type: Bidirectional. Version 4.0, Class 2.
Range: 10m.
Function NFC pairing. *

Length: 120cm.
Connector: 3.5mm minijack.

Capacity: 400 mAh.
Type: Li-polymer.
Battery life in call mode: 12 hours.
Battery life in music mode: 18 hours.
Battery life in standby mode 450 hours.
Charge: Micro USB type B.

( Battery duraction is aproximated. A higher volume means a higher battery consumption. ) Продукт известен още и като Wireless BT 8, WirelessBT8

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