ERATO Muse 5 Слушалки

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Erato (AMUSE-BK-C) Erato Bluetooth Earphones MUSE 5 Black

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Erato Bluetooth Earphones MUSE 5 Black (AMUSE-BK-C)

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Тип слушалки Тапи
Тип връзка безжични
Минимална честота 20 Hz
Максимална честота 20000 Hz
Чувствителност 101 dB
Регулатор за усилване Да
Тегло 17 г

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Erato Bluetooth Earphones MUSE 5 Rose GoldDescriptionMuse 5Real wireless headphonesGet ready for advanced 3D Surround Sound technology in an easy-to-use pair of real wireless headphones. The patented micro transducer provides balanced sound with an exceptional bass. MUSE 5 supports the latest CSR technology, along with our patented surround sound technology EratoSurround 3D, providing you with a listening experience that you will never forget. ListenThe patented FitSeal silicone sleeves allow a comfortable fit to 9 sizesFitSealThe Muse 5 headphones are designed with our patented FitSeal silicone sleeves that provide nine different size combinations to better suit the natural body shapes. aptXMUSE 5 is a product with an aptX CSR certificate, which ensures the highest quality of music as opposed to many other competitors. Truly wirelessUnlike traditional Bluetooth headphones, MUSE 5 synchronizes stereo wirelessly to your device without any wires. enjoyA single button controls many functions to give you maximum pleasure. Multifunction buttonPlay and pause music, skip and play songs, and even change the volume with one easy-to-use button. Built-in microphoneMake or receive handsfree calls with the built-in omnidirectional microphone. Personal assistantThey have a built-in, non-directional microphone that works with Siri and Google Now services, making it easier to make calls on the go. Be happyThe first in the industry headphones with 3D surround sound transfer music to a higher levelERATOSURROUND technologyPatented digital audio processing technology allows spatial listening to music. Battery lifeThe Muse 5 headphones allow standard four hours of playback and seven hours of talk time. Our innovative, portable charging case allows you to charge each pair of headphones twice, providing up to twelve hours of music playback. Характеристики
Wireless communication:Bluetooth
Bluetooth features:HSPHFP (Ръце-Free Profile)AVRCP (Дистанционно управление)A2DP (Stereo transmission)
Pass band (min):20 Hz
Pass band (max):20 kHz
Sensitivity:101 dB
Range:10 m
Цвят:Розов gold
Тегло, kg:8.5 g
Accessories included:Docking Station USB кабел
Other features:Audio codecs: SBC, AAC, aptX Капацитет на батерията: 100 mAh Water resistance: IPX5 3D sound surround 4 часа of music playback 6 часа of conversation


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