Media-Tech Sirius Pro MT3578 Слушалки

Media-Tech Sirius Pro MT3578 Слушалки

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Тип слушалки Диадема
Тип връзка безжични
Минимална честота 15 Hz
Максимална честота 16000 Hz
Чувствителност 92 dB
Регулатор за усилване Да
Тегло 173 г

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Media-Tech SIRIUS PRO Bezprzewodowe słuchawki z wbudowanym radiem FM, mikrofonemDescriptionSIRIUS PRO Wireless headset with built-in FM radio, microphoneMT3578 SIRIUS PRO is a 5 in 1 wireless headset with built-in FM radio, microphone and monitoring function. Thanks to them you can listen to music / radio from anywhere in the house. Adjusting the volume with the button on the handset will affect the comfort of wireless listening. Likewise with listening to your favorite stations - you no longer have to be stuck at the receiver to change channels. The device has a scan button (the radio automatically searches for stations). The huge advantage of the set is built into the microphone - a perfect tool for communicating through instant messengers (Skype, GG, etc. ). SIRIUS pro is not only a headset, but also wireless monitoring. By setting up the receiver near the people you care for (children, elderly people, etc. ), the handset will receive a sound and you will be kept informed about what is happening to them. The MT3578 has the added benefit of being used as a wired headset (jack in). This function is ideal for low battery. Plus, there's an additional microphone input - you have the option of connecting professional equipment. SIRIUS PRO is compatible with PCs, MP3 players, TVs, CD players and DVD players. Характеристики
Wireless communication:Bluetooth
Конектори:3,5 mm minijack
Audio controls:Volume control
Pass band (min):15 Hz
Pass band (max):16 kHz
Тегло, kg:173 g
Other features:- Built-in FM radio- Microphone built into the receiver- Monitoring function- Possible to use as a wired headset (without battery)- Power: Главаphones - 2 x AAA battery, transmitter - 2x AAA battery or AC adapter (not включен/а)- Wireless band: 88-108MHz

Продукт известен още и като Sirius Pro MT 3578, SiriusProMT3578



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