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Тип слушалкиДиадема
Тип връзкабезжични
Минимална честота80 Hz
Максимална честота20000 Hz
Чувствителност90 dB
Регулатор за усилванеДа
Тегло130 г

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Microlab T2

Stylish light and comfortable stereo headset designed with the latest Bluetooth technology. This device combines technical functionality with the brightness of non-standard design. Microlab T2 is ideal both for office workers, who value convenience and comfort, and music lovers aspiring to high quality sound.

Quality sound in wireless music playback mode. The latest Bluetooth technology allows you to enjoy high quality sound in wireless mode. It is almost impossible to feel the difference between the sound through a wired channel and a wireless channel.
Clear sound and strong bass. This headset features a balanced sound with distinct accents in the upper and middle frequency bands. It is especially appreciated by lovers of live instrumental music, however, lovers of bass and drums also will not be disappointed.
Compact design and light weight make the headset very comfortable during long-term use.
Headphones are made of durable polymer material, they are easy-to-handle and will serve you for a long time. Rim of the headset is very flexible and suitable for most shapes and sizes of head.
Convenient multifunction control button allows you to select the desired tracks, answer calls and even control the volume level directly on the headphones.
Due to the capacious battery you do not need to think about recharging the headphones for a long time that is very important, for example, during long trips. In playback mode this headset is able to work up to 14 hours.

Version: Bluetooth V4.0
Profile: A2DP1.2/AVRCP1.4/HSP1.2/HFP1.6
RF Range: 10 m

Speaker capacity: 20 mW
Frequency response: 80 Hz - 20 kHz
Signal/Noise ratio: 90 dB
Speaker diameter: 40 mm
Speaker impedance: 32 Ohm

Built-in microphone: Yes
Microphone sensitivity: -42 dB

Lithium-polymer battery with capacity of 195 mAh
Battery life: up to 80%
Residual capacity after 300 cycles
Playback time: 14 hours
Call time: 14 hours
Standby time: 20 days
Charging time: 2.5 hrs
Charging port: Micro USB, type B

Dimensions (LxWxH): 165.7 х 161.5 х 50 mm
Net weight: 130 g
Dimensions of the pack (LхWхH): 186 х 60 х 184 mm Продукт известен още и като T 2
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