Trust Urban Revolt Lace Слушалки

Trust Urban Revolt Lace Слушалки

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Тип слушалкиТапи
Тип връзкакабелни
Дължина на кабела130 см
Регулатор за усилванеНе
Тегло24 г

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Mustard yellow

For tablet and smartphone
Attractive shoe-lace style
Package contents: In-ear headset, 3 sets of rubber ear plugs, User’s guide
Soft rubber earplugs in 3 sizes


С кабел

The lace-design differentiates this headset clearly from standard headsets. On top of that, the lace-design makes sure your headset do not tangle up. Both earplugs, the inline-remote and the plug are made of high quality aluminum.

The Urban Revolt Lace Headset: quality sound combined with an unique design!

Key features

Laces design
Premium design
Premium sound quality
Available in three unique colour combinations: Yellow/Purple, Grey/Anthracite and Red/Blue.
3,5mm-jack for tablets, smartphones, iPods, etc.
Soft rubber plugs in three sizes
Hassle-free Design
Tangle free cables
Simply roll-up the headset when stored
Inline Remote
Integrated microphone for hands free phone calls
Inline call pickup button
Call pickup button can also be used as button to navigate through the music library on your smartphone or tablet*
*Media features:
Click the button once: Play/Pause
Click the button twice: Next (iOS & Android only)
Click the button triple: Previous (iOS & Android only)

Package contents

In-ear headset
3 sets of rubber ear plugs
User’s guide

Minimum requirements

1x 3.5 mm audio in- & output Продукт известен още и като UrbanRevoltLace



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