V-MODA ZN Слушалки

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360,00 лв
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360,00 лв
Тип слушалкиТапи
Тип връзкакабелни
Минимална честота2 Hz
Максимална честота25000 Hz
Чувствителност105 dB
Дължина на кабела120 см

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Luxury in-ear earphones with Android control. They have durable metal construction and the possibility of using the bridge and routing the cables behind the ear. Their metal chamber handles even large volumes, they have built-in audio filters to fine-tune the sound, Kevlar coated cable with a length of 120 cm, galvanized body that can handle large temperature differences, microphone and convenient operation. They are equipped with 8 mm dynamic drives, silicone ear pads, have a frequency range from 2 to 25000 Hz, 105 dB sensitivity, 16 impedance and can be connected via 3.5 mm gold plated jack connector. The package includes six pairs of ear pads, case and bridges for cable routing behind the ear. They are made in black colour.
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