HP A-MSR20-10 (JD431A) Суич, комутатор

Офертите за продукта

HP MSR20-10 Router (JD431A)
Modular Ethernet Routers

The HP MSR20-1x Series is a component of the HP FlexBranch solution, which is part of the HP FlexNetwork architecture. MSR20-1X routers are full-featured, economical routers designed for converged wired and wireless WAN and LAN environments at small remote branch offices and small to medium-sized businesses.

HP MSR20-1x series routers deliver high-performance integrated routing, switching, security, wireless, and voice services while reducing complexity, simplifying management, and increasing control. These routers enable an agile and flexible network infrastructure that can quickly adapt to changing business requirements while delivering integrated services on a single, easy-to-manage platform.

Блок за диференциране - HP MSR20-10 AC Router with 1 FE WAN port, 4 FE LAN Switching ports, I USB, and 1 DSIC slot.

1 SIC slot
1 RJ-45 autosensing 10/100 WAN port
4 RJ-45 autosensing 10/100 LAN ports

Пропускателна способност - up to 160 Kpps
Размер на насочваща таблица - 10000 entries (IPv4), 10000 entries (IPv6)

Безжична функционалност:
Depending on options and configuration Продукт известен още и като A MSR 20 10 JD 431 A, AMSR2010JD431A, A MSR20 10 (JD431A), A-MSR20-10JD431A, A MSR20-10 (JD431A), A-MSR20-10 (JD431 A)
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