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The HP No. 27 black inkjet print cartridge (C8727AE) includes speciallydeveloped, patented ink formulations and advanced inkjet print cartridgetechnology that are designed and optimized together with the colour inkjetprinting system to ensure crisp, laser-quality black text every time youprint.  

Features & Benefits:

  • The HP No. 27 black inkjet print cartridge (10ml) produces approximately 220 A4size pages at 5% coverage (number of pages will vary depending on usage).
  • Patented, pigment-based inks for laser-quality black text that arefade-resistant.
  • Large print swath (0.33 inch) and high-speed 416 nozzle printhead for fastprinting at up to 18 kHz firing frequency.
  • Enables supplies level status monitoring and alerts proactively when and whichsupplies are needed.
  • Each HP inkjet print cartridge consists of an integrated printhead and inksupply; designed for easy snap-out/drop-in for clean, fast replacement. Theresult is a new printhead and fresh ink every time the print cartridge isexchanged for maximum print quality and reliability.
  • Scientifically designed to interact with HP colour inkjet printers to deliverconsistently true black text.
  • Small ink drops (17pl) provide exceptional laser-quality output.   

Compatibility: < /STRONG> hp deskjet 3320 printer series, hp deskjet3420 printer series.

Продукт известен още и като C 8727 AE, C 8727AE, C8727 AE
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