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Russell hobbs (21680-56) Russell hobbs Russell Hobbs 21680-56 Ретро тостер, червен

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Russell Hobbs Тостер Retro 21680-56DescriptionRetro toasterNo matter how badly charred toast like, stylish toaster Retro Red Ribbon to meet your needs. From light golden brown to deep golden hue - just set the degree of toasting to a moment to enjoy perfectly prepared toast. The device has an indicator that tells you how much time is left until the end of toasting. Russell Hobbs knows that the toast is usually eaten for breakfast, when most of us are in the morning rush. Therefore, customers will appreciate the opportunity to prepare toasts to 65% faster. *Toaster Retro Red Ribbon has a function "Lift and Look", which allows you to check the level of browning bread without interrupting operation. Toaster is also equipped with toaster rolls, which perfectly suited for baguettes, croissants, etc. Built crumb tray makes it easy to take care of the cleanliness of the kitchen. At any time, you can easily pull out and empty. * Vs Russell Hobbs toaster, No. 20720-56Характеристики
Heating function:Да
Defrost function:Да
STOP function:Да
Manually eject:Да
Browning control:Да
Капацитет:2 toasts
Special functions:- Function Lift and look 'to check the status browning bread without having to cancel toasting- Indicator countdown the remaining cooking time
Accessories included:- Сменяем crumb tray- Rack to warm buns
Цвят:red Продукт известен още и като 21680 56 Retro, 2168056Retro, 21680-56Retro
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