LogiLink VG0024

LogiLink VG0024

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AirDTV Mobile DVB-T Tuner for iPhone® 5/5C/5S iPad® Air and iPad® Mini LogiLink®
  • For playing DVB-T signals on the iPhone® 5/5C/5S iPad® Air
  • or iPad® Mini
  • Live TV without an Internet connection
  • Connect with Apple® Lightning Connector
  • Supports DVB-T standard audio detection
  • Auto Scan 6/7/8 MHz range
  • Compact design, easy to transport
  • With recording function
  • Supports sorting channels and the display of subtitles
  • EPG (Electronic Programm Guide) function
Don´t miss your favourite program… The small AirDTV Mobile DVB-T Tuner for iPhone® 5/5C/5S iPad® Air and iPad® Mini from LogiLink is he ideal companion on enjoy DVB-T television on the go. Simply plug in the mobile AirDTV Dongle, install the App and that’s it. For receiving DVB-T signals you don’t need an internet connection. A built-in battery pack powers the AirDTV Mobile dongle, the battery is loaded on demand via the included USB cable. Depending on location, you’ll receive different DVB-T channels, they are automatically found. Would you like to record your favorite show or do you have just something in between? With the AirDTV Mobile you can simply record your DVB-T broadcast or timeshift your broadcast. Forgot your Headset but want to enjoy mobile TV? No problem with the AirDTV Mobile you can also, depending on the broadcast, display subtitles. AirDTV Mobile turns your iPhone® 5/5C/5S iPad® Air and iPad® Mini into mobile DVB-T TV!  .                            Продукт известен още и като VG 0024

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