HP 2TB 72000rpm SATA 507632-B21

Упътване до адрес:
Предложен маршрут:  
Капацитет2000 GB
Скорост на диска 7200 rpm
Cache размер 16 MB
Максимален пренос на данни1.5 Gbit/s
Твърд диск за лаптоп Не


Ширина110.7 мм
Височина26.4 мм
Дълбочина184.2 мм
Тегло1360 г

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HP SATA drives are designed for the reliability and mass storage demanded by today's entry server and external storage environments. The SATA portfolio is categorized into two categories: Entry (ETY) and Midline (MDL) drives. HP SATA Entry drives are the lowest unit-cost solution for entry-level servers. HP SATA Midline drives are designed with economical reliability and performance for external storage, backups and archival applications. These high capacity drives provide the lowest $/GB to our customers. Both Entry and Midline SATA drives provide the best price advantage for non-mission critical applications with low workloads of 40% or less. HP SATA drives are available small form factor (3.5-inch) and large form factor (2.5-inch) and ship with a standard one year warranty.
Entry SATA drives offer customers the lowest acquisition cost, features include the following:.
Midline SATA offers customers the lowest $/GB drives and increased features over Entry SATA.
SATA Applications

Product dimensions (W x D x H) 1.04 x 4.36 x 7.25 in
Weight ( Imperial ) 1.36 kg
Weight ( Metric ) 3.0 lb

Extended specifications

Technical Information
Storage Capacity 2 TB

Drive Performance
Maximum External Data Transfer Rate 300 MBps
Rotational Speed 7200 rpm

Hard Drive Interface SATA/300

Physical Characteristics
Form Factor Internal
Compatible Drive Bay Width 3.5"
Hot Swappable Yes

Manufacturer link Продукт известен още и като 2 TB 72000 rpm SATA 507632 B 21, 2TB72000rpmSATA507632B21, 2TB 72000rpm SATA 507632 B21, 2TB72000rpmSATA507632-B21, 2TB 72000rpm SATA 507632-B 21
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