Seagate Barracuda 3.5" 4TB 5900rpm 64MB SATA3 ST4000DM000

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Капацитет4000 GB
Скорост на диска 5900 rpm
Cache размер 64 MB
Максимален пренос на данни6 Gbit/s
HDD време за достъп5.1 ms
Твърд диск за лаптоп Не


Ширина101.6 мм
Височина26.1 мм
Дълбочина147 мм
Тегло610 г

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The Power of OneThe Seagate® Desktop HDD is the one hard drive for all your desktopapplications. One drive for every need, supported by 30 years of trustedperformance, reliability and simplicity.
  • HDDs that bring your costs down and crank your storage up
  • No-hassle transition to 3TB and 4TB drives
  • Seagate AcuTrac technology maximises HDD storage densities
Seagate Desktop HDD: get what you want. Count on Seagate to deliver the storage innovations that bring your costs down and crank your storage up.
  • Industry's first 1 TB-per-disc hard drive technology
  • OptiCache technology exploits big 64MB cache sizes and improved microprocessor capabilities
  • Seagate OptiCache technology improves performance by up to 45% over the previous generation
  • SATA 6Gb/s technology maximises performance
  • Seagate AcuTrac technology enables reliable read/write performance even in high-touch operating environments
  • Free DiscWizard software enables capacities beyond 2TB on legacy PC BIOS and Windows XP-based systems
Your no-hassle transition beyond 2TB. Are you worried about moving beyond 2TB? You don't have to be. The Seagate DiscWizard utility makes this transition a snap:
  • Free software enables Windows machines to utilise drives beyond 2TB
  • Seagate DiscWizard provides you a means to effectively utilise your 3TB and 4TB hard drives.
Maximises hard drive storage densities. Seagate Desktop HDD, 1TB-per-disk technologyincorporates 340,000 unique tracks in the width of a single inch. Thisincredible storage density drives new capacity possibilities and lowersyour total storage costs. Seagate AcuTrac technology enables storage densities with accuratereading and writing to nano-sized tracks only 75 nanometres wide! Thatis about 500 times smaller than the full stop at the end of thissentence. Go beyond 2TB with DiscWizard software The sure way to obtain native access to hard drivesbigger than 2TB is to adopt the new BIOS standard called UEFI. If youare not ready for the new standard, Seagate provides an alternative. Free DiscWizard software from Seagate provides you a means to effectively utilise your3TB and 4TB Seagate Desktop HDDs, even with Windows XP and using thestandard PC BIOS. Get your free copy to go beyond 2TB today! Proven quality and performance Seagate Desktop HDDs are the world's most populardesktop storage solutions. With consistent quality andperformance-enhancing innovations and features such as native commandqueuing and perpendicular recording, Seagate delivers time and timeagain. In addition, Seagate Desktop HDDs are produced using the mostsophisticated manufacturing process in the industry, with a focus onenvironmental stewardship. Green where it counts Seagate® Desktop HDDs with 1TB-per-disk have advancedpower modes to save more energy while in idle states—without sacrificingperformance. Desktop HDDs are produced using the most sophisticated manufacturingprocess in the industry, with a focus on environmental stewardship.
  • Desktop HDDs comply with the US RoHS directive on hazardous materials and voluntarily restrict halogen compounds
  • Seventy per cent or more of the materials used to build Barracuda drives are recyclable
  • Low power consumption
What's in the box?
  • Seagate® Desktop HDD
  • Free DiscWizard software
  • Interface cable, power adapter, mounting screws and CD with software and manual*
  • Quick installation guide*
GenerationDesktop HDD. 15PackageDrive OnlyCapacity4TBInterfaceSATA 6Gb/sCache64MBAreal Density625Length146.99mmWidth101.6mmHeig ht26.11mmTypical Weight610gOperating Temperature60°CAverage Operating Power7.50W
Тегло: 0.750 кг
Продукт известен още и като Barracuda 3 5 4 TB 5900 rpm 64 MB SATA 3 ST 4000 DM 000, Barracuda354TB5900rpm64MBSATA3ST4000DM000, Barracuda 3.5" 4TB 5900rpm 64MB SATA3 ST4 000DM 000
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