Seagate NAS 3.5" 2TB 5900rpm 64MB SATA3 ST2000VN000

Seagate NAS 3.5" 2TB 5900rpm 64MB SATA3 ST2000VN000

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Капацитет2000 GB
Скорост на диска 5900 rpm
Cache размер 64 MB
Твърд диск за лаптоп Не


Ширина101.6 мм
Височина26.1 мм
Дълбочина147 мм
Тегло535 г

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Best-Performing, Highest-Capacity Storage for NAS Systems Seagate® NAS HDDs provide the best-performing, highest-capacity storage for 1- to 5-bay NAS systems. The NAS HDD hasbeen compatibility tested with the industry's top NAS solution providers.
  • Built and tested to provide industry-leading performance for 24×7 NAS applications
  • Seagate NASWorks improves drive reliability with custom-built error recovery controls, power settings and vibration tolerance
  • Enables the highest capacities for 1- to 5-bay systems—up to 4TB per drive or 20TB in a 5-bay NAS
Industry-Leading HDD Performance Built and tested to provide industry-leading performance, Seagate NAS HDDs quickly and reliably support home and businessapplications. With support for multiple HD video streams and userprofiles in a multi-drive environment, these NAS drives provide theperformance demanded by NAS solutions and incorporate Seagate® NASWorksTM software to reduce common issues NASWorks: Improving Drive Reliabiltiy and Performance NASWorks improves the reliability of NAS HDD by fine-tuning drive features to be more compatible in NAS systems with:
  • Extended error recovery controls help to ensure drives comply with NAS system requirements for better data integrity
  • Specifically designed to minimise vibration effects typically found in multi-drive solutions, improving reliability
  • Advanced power profiles tailor low power options for always-on NAS applications
Highest-Capacity NAS HDD With a 30% capacity improvement over competitive offeringsand excellent cost-per-terabyte, choose between 2, 3 and 4TB—for up to20TB capacity— in 5-bay NAS solutions. A single 4TB drive translates to:over 1 million photos, 180 days of music, 1,000 hours of DVD video, ORenough space to support the CAD files, images and databases needed bysmall businesses. * *Quantitative usage examples forvarious applications are for illustrative purposes. Actual quantitieswill vary based on several factors, including file size, file format, features and application software. What's in the NAS Drive?
  • High-performance NAS Drive for 1- to 5-bay NAS systems
  • NAS Works: Fine-tunes the needs of small office and home NAS systems
  • Up to 4TB capacity
  • 3-year limited warranty
     NAS HDD 2TB  ST2000VN000 Capacity

2TB Interface SAT A 6Gb/s Typical Weight 535g Maximu m Length 146.99mm Ma ximum Height 26.11mm Maximum Width 101.60mm Cache 64MB Maximum Operating Shock 80Gs Operating Temperature 70°C   
Продукт известен още и като NAS 3 5 2 TB 5900 rpm 64 MB SATA 3 ST 2000 VN 000, NAS352TB5900rpm64MBSATA3ST2000VN000, NAS 3.5" 2TB 5900rpm 64MB SATA3 ST2 000VN 000


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