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Amica Food steamer PT3012 (1190218)

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Amica Food steamer PT3012 (1190218)

103,41 лв
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Мощност 900 W
Капацитет 10.8 л
Дисплей Да

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Amica Food steamer PT3012DescriptionFood steamer PT3012Rice bowl / soupPreheated for quick soup? Or maybe a full two-course dinner for the whole family? Your steamer will cope with every task! The bowl attached to it will allow you to comfortably heat up liquid food, without unnecessarily staining the pots. Multifunctionality of the device is to facilitate everyday duties. You cook and heat faster and healthier. And you have less cleaning!LCD displayHow to use all the functions of the steamer? With the help of a legible LCD display! With it you can easily control the device, choose ready programs and set their time up to 99 minutes! And it's very easy to keep it clean. LCD display means easy and quick access to all functions!AromatyzerApparently for feeling the taste 80% of the nose responds! That is why we equipped the Amica steamer with a flavoring. This is a special place where you put fresh or dried herbs. Under the influence of a stream of hot air, beautiful fragrances spread over all the cabinets of the steamer, giving the aroma to every part of the dish. And more aroma means more taste!Drip trayFor the full flavor of the dishes, make full use of all the ingredients! The decoction produced during cooking of meat or vegetables is collected in a drip tray attached to the steamer. Thanks to this you can easily, quickly and conveniently prepare an aromatic sauce! Nothing is wasted, and you save time and money! And you get a taste!Automatic temperature maintenance functionLunch ready, and the household is not yet? Or maybe you are waiting for latecomers? You can wait a little while, because nothing will cool down! After cooking, the steamer will maintain a constant temperature for 20 minutes. They will remain warm and will not overcook! You cook more comfortably and save time for yourself and your family. 6 automatic cooking programsDo you know how long your dishes should be cooked? You do not have to worry about it anymore, the steamer will take care of everything for you! It will adjust the time to the type of food being prepared, and when the cooking is finished, it will activate the heat maintenance function. 6 automatic programs will allow you to cook fish, meat, rice, vegetables or eggs so that they are always perfectly prepared. Healthy, tasty and easy!Water level sensorAllows you to precisely determine the amount of water in the steamer. Характеристики
Number of containers:3
LCD display:Да
Капацитет:10.8 l
Мощност:900 W
Функции:Aromatyzer Drip tray Автоматичен temperature maintenance function 6 automatic cooking програми Индикатор за ниво на водата Сензор за нивото на водата A storage box for a мрежа cable Гума feet
Accessories included:Rice bowl/soup 1.2 л The upper steam container (with removable base of the container) is 3.5 л Middle steam container (with removable base of the container) 2.5 l Lower steam container 2.5 l

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