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Ultra-compact modelling guitar combo amplifier from Mini series that delivers sound of 11 realistic amp models inherited from the popular Valvetronix series that ranges from intense high-gain type to pristine clean sounds. It also offers 8 effects: 4 standard effects – chorus, compressor, flanger and tremolo, and 4 types of delay/reverb, and proprietary VOX Bassilator circuitry that delivers a heavy sound with ultra-low frequency and creates a rich low-end rhythm response. Amplifier also provides a variety of rhythm patterns organized into 10 genres plus metronome patterns, altogether offering up to 99 choices, with tempo range of 40-240 bpm. It is equipped with 6.5 speaker, separate controls for amp, rhythm and effects set-up, high-performance built-in E-string tuner (tuning range E1, 41.2 Hz – E6 1318,5 Hz), Power Select switch that allows adjusting the volume without impairing tonal characteristics, an independent microphone input jack that can be used with a delay/reverb effect, aux input for connection of MP3 player, or headphone/line output with a cabinet simulator that can reproduce the resonances of a speaker cabinet. Amplifier features classic VOX design with rugged metal grill and carrying strap for convenient transportation. It can be powered by six AA batteries or an AC adapter (included). Dimensions: 269 x 179 x 267 mm. Weight: 3.5 kg. Продукт известен още и като MINI 5
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