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Lonsdale Exercise Bike - Cool Grey

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This is a very sturdy, reliable and simple to operate bike offeredat lowest price you will find for a gymmachine .

At the heart of this Lonsdale machine is anenclosed steel flywheel round which is a rubber friction belt. Thisgives the constant resistance for your workout. Within easy reachbelow the handle bars is the only control you need, the resistanceadjustment knob. As you warm up and increase your speed you canselect the resistance for the workout session.

The computer controlled display is superior to comparable bikes. Its dual digital display means that the mostimportant reading, your speed is constantly displayed. The otherreadout can be used for time, distance, calories or to scan betweenthe three. For those who just want the challenge of the exercise itwill turn itself on when you start to pedal and turn off 4 minutesafter you stop. There is a single red button for those who prefermanual control.

The saddle is padded and can be locked into one offour positions. The pedals come with Velcro strap to get thecorrect fit for your trainers. The handlebars have long rubbercovers to for a comfortable grip even with sweaty hands. Largerubber feat prevent scratching you floor.

At a low resistance this gives a low impact workout ideal for thewhole lower body. At this price you will be able to start to getthe benefits of your own home gym on the lowest ofbudgets .

> Manual resistance system
> Computer: scan, time, speed, distance and calories
> Free tension control
> Adjustable Seat
> Adjustable straps on pedals

General information
> Batteries needed 1 x AA (included)
> Size 114cm x 70cm x 54cm
> Weight 11kg
> Self-assembly Продукт известен още и като ExerciseBike
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