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Тип пасивен охладител
Вентилатор заВидеокарта
Размери230 x 135 x 42 мм
Тегло410 г

Виждате грешка в описанието или таблицата? Сигнализирайте ни!

- пасивен охладител за графични карти, с голяма площ и широки ребра, съвместимост с много модели видео карти, опция за инсталиране и на перка...

Гаранция: 24 месеца
Тегло: 0.50 кг

The Accelero S1 PLUS may be the best performing passive VGA cooler on the planet. It is a must-have cooler for all silence enthusiasts. The versatile RAM and VR cooling set and optional S1 PLUS Turbo Module further extends its compatibilities all the way to high-end VGA cards. Absolute Silence As a passive cooler, the Accelero S1 PLUS is noise-free while keeping the graphic card working at normal temperature! It helps to cool your graphic card without any disturbance to your work or entertainment. Noise Level at AMD Radeon HD 7770
Accelero S1 PLUS
0 Sone
3-Slot Generic Cooler (at 2,500 RPM)
 1.75 Sone
 Better  Wide Compatibility Due to its RAM and VR heatsink set and flexible mounting plate design, the Accelero S1 PLUS is compatible with over 80 different models of midrange to high-end graphic cards. *The compatibility list is based on AMD Radeon and NVIDIA's reference board layout only. ARCTIC holds no responsibility for incompatibility on non standard cards. Please check the height restriction drawing before purchase.   Efficient Passive Cooling Thanks to the passive cooling technology with patent DE 20200600, the Accelero S1 PLUS allows more air to pass through the fins than any other passive coolers. The heat from the VGA card can be efficiently dispersed.

With the add-on fan S1 PLUS Turbo Module equipped, the cooling capacity of the Accelero S1 PLUS can be boosted up to 120 Watts, which is adequate to cool some high-end VGA cards including AMD Radeon HD 6870 and NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250.
Cooling Performance at AMD Radeon HD 7770:
Accelero S1 PLUS
  61 o C
3-slot Generic Cooler (at 2,500 RPM)
 72 o C
Ambient temperature: 25 o C

* S1 PLUS Turbo Module is required for sufficient cooling capacity on the following VGA cards.
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250, 240(OEM), 150(OEM), GT 9800GTX+, 9800GTX, 9800GT, 9600GT, 8800GTS 512(G92), 7950GT

AMD Radeon HD 7870, 7850, 6870, 6850, 6790, 5850, 5830, 4870, 4850, 4830, 1900XTX, 1950Pro, 1950GT, 1900XTX, 1900XT, 1800XT  Enhanced VR Heat Dissipation Compared to thermal tapes, the thermal glue G-1 included with this cooler significantly improves the efficiency of heat conduction from the RAM and VR to the heatsinks. It secures the heatsinks while enabling subsequent removal residue-free.   Technical Data HeatpipeØ 6 mm x 4Heatsink MaterialAluminum fins x 32, thickness 0.4 mmProduct Dimensions (L x W x H)230 (L) x 135 (W) x 42 (H) mmNet Weight410 g Accessories Heatsink12 pcsScrew (M2)4 pcsWasher4 pcsSpacer (3.5 mm)4 pcsSpacer (4.0 mm)4 pcsG-1 Thermal Glue (1.5 g Grey Compound)1 bagG-1 Thermal Glue (1.5 g White Compound)1 bagMixing Wand1 pcVGA Bracket1 pc Limited Warranty6 yearsPackaging Dimensions (L x W x H)278 (L) x 194 (W) x 46 (H) mmitemnumberDCACO-V470001-BLUPC087276700 4658Gross Weight0.92 kg  Awards < /strong> Xtreme Hardware : Accelero S1 PLUS The reference cooler is ridiculed in the test, because 30 degrees of difference is too much. 2012-09-06   more   Overclockers : Accelero S1 PLUS Impressive how the fanless solution managed to keep the hefty 7870 cool even when overclocked. Doing so with no noise output at all! All this in an open test bench. 2012-07-20   more   Radeon 3D : Accelero S1 PLUS ARCTIC with its two cooler has once again proven their well performance. Both the Mono Plus with 200 watts of heat dispute capacity, as well as the Accelero S1 Plus which can be run passively or active cooling with its turbo engine. The Accelero S1 Plus offers a very good passive cooling operation. 2012-06-18   more   Simplereview. ru : Accelero S1 PLUS In order to enjoy wider compatibility, you can attached the turbo module. This new product is effective in its cooling performance, along with its easy installation and wide compatibility. This is also truly the quietest cooler of all. 2012-06-10   more   Xbit Labs : Accelero S1 PLUS The Accelero S1 PLUS has lived up to our expectations, effectively cooling a rather hot graphics card (with its GPU overclocked to 1.1 GHz) in fanless mode. Without a doubt, it is the perfect choice for midrange and entry-level graphics cards for silent computers. 2012-05-26   more   3DNews : Accelero S1 PLUS Using together with S1 Plus, it absolutely beat down regular VGA coolers. With great performance, yet the noise level of the cooling system remains extremely low. 2012-05-04   more   Ocaholic : Accelero S1 PLUS The passive cooler has proven to be very good. You will be able to find all your need and boasting noiseless performance, it has been able to convince in passive as well as active cooling mode. 2012-04-12   more   Freeocen : Accelero S1 PLUS The Accelero S1 PLUS certainly deserved your attention. This passive cooler can beat the stock cooler by 27 degrees during load which is simply awesome! You can even add a turbo module to have 6 degrees further down for the GPU. We would to give it a gold award. 2012-03-14   more   Hwmaster : Accelero S1 PLUS The sink immediately impressed us in a positive way, we can say it was love at first sight. This cooler works so much better than the heatsink Sapphire Idle especially in overclocking. Performance is further enhanced with adding the S1 Turbo Module fan. This cooler has excellent performance in both "passive" and "active", which is recommend to lovers of silence when using it passively and for enthusiasts, overlocking and gaming when using it actively with extra fan. 2012-02-21   more   PCFoster : Accelero S1 PLUS The cooling capacity of the Accelero S1 PLUS reaches 140W, which is an amazing performance for passive coolers in the market. Plus the easy installation and the solid construction, the Accelero S1 PLUS is definitely worth its price. 2011-12-02   more     Продукт известен още и като Accelero S 1 Plus, AcceleroS1Plus
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