ARCTIC Freezer 13 (UCACO-FZ130-BL)

ARCTIC Freezer 13 (UCACO-FZ130-BL)

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ARCTIC Охладител за процесор Arctic Freezer 13 , INTEL/AMD (ARCTIC FAN UCACO FZ130 BL)

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ARCTIC (UCACO-FZ130-BL) Охлаждане Freezer 13 - 1366/1155/775/AMD

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Arctic Охладител Arctic Freezer 13 Intel / AMD (UCACO-FZ130-BL)

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Arctic Охлаждане за процесор Arctic Freezer 13 за сокет 1366/ 1150/ 1151/ 1155/ 1156/ 775/ FM2+/ FM1/ AM3+/ AM2+/ 939 (ARCTIC-FAN-UCACO-FZ130-BL)

53,46 лв
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Arctic (UCACO-FZ130-BL) Arctic Cooling Freezer 13, LGA1366/1156/775 (до 200W) & AM3/AM2+/939/754 до (200W)

53,46 лв
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ARCTIC freezer 13 вентилатор за процесор универсален за 1366/1150/1151/1155/1156/775/fm2+/fm1/am3+/am2+/939/754 arctic-fan-ucaco-fz130-bl

58,80 лв
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Тип  активен охладител
Вентилатор за Процесор
Обороти на вентилатора 2000 об/мин
Въздушен поток  36.4 CFM
Тегло 695 г

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- компактно, но много мощно процесорно охлаждане, 4 U-образни хийтпайпа, вентилатор 9 см с PWM контрол, много тихо...

Гаранция: 24 месеца
Тегло: 0.90 кг

Intel Socket 1366, 1156, 775
AMD Socket AM3, AM2+, 939 and 754
Up to 200 Watts Advanced Cooling and Inaudible Performance Freezer 13 carries on the legacy of the renowned Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 to continue providing efficient and low noise CPU cooling solution for enthusiasts. Featuring four U-shaped high performance heatpipes and 45 efficiently formed aluminum fins; the Freezer 13 is able to dissipate massive heat that is produced in high-end CPUs, such as Intel Core i7. Main features Unmatched cooling performance – 200 Watts
Ultra quiet 92mm PWM fan
Quick installation without mainboard disassembly
Transport-proof due to fibre reinforced retention module
Fluid dynamic bearing extends service life
Pre-applied MX-4 To facilitate the process of removing waste heat, the Freezer 13 is equipped with an ultra-quiet 92mm PWM fan. The fan speed runs from 600 to 2000 RPM to keep components within their safe operating temperature limit. User-Friendly Mounting Mechanism
Installing Freezer 13 cannot be any easier. With ARCTIC’s own design of push pins, mounting the cooler on to the system is quick and simple. The mounting system is very convenient as it fits on all current platforms – it is unnecessary to take apart the main board. Its sturdy mounting frame is able to withstand the weight of the Freezer 13 , even after undergoing a drop test. A layer of ARCTIC MX-4, the latest thermal compound by ARCTIC, has been pre-applied to facilitate the process of installation as well.     Heatsink Dimension  123L x 96W x 130H mm Heatsink Material  Aluminum fins x 45, thickness 0.5mmHeatpipe U-shaped Ø 6 mm x 4Fan 92mm, 600 – 2000 RPM (controlled by PWM) Air flow  36.4CFM / 61.8 m 3 /h Maximum Cooling Capacity  200 Watts Bearing  Fluid dynamic bearing Weight  695g Compatibility
 Intel Socket 1366, 1156, 775
AMD Socket AM3, AM2+, 939 754     < /p>     < p>  11 / 2010
Hi Tech Legion : Freezer 13
Relative to the price and size, the Freezer 13 is an unbeatable value in the world of aftermarket cooling. The fan itself is quite impressive and is very quiet but was also able to actively cool the wide bodied Freezer 13 as if it was a 120mm fan.   11 / 2010
PC. sk - Freezer 13
We were kindly pleased with the build quality, design and performance of new Freezer 13. Our overall impression is strengthened by acceptable end user price of 27.60 EUR, which is only 3 EUR above its smaller brother - Freezer 7 Pro rev. 2. Freezer 13 proved the ability to cool down high-end CPU of both platforms.   10 / 2010
XFastest : Freezer 13
The Freezer 13 from ARCTIC COOLING is the masterpiece CPU cooler for overclockers among the competitors. It lowers the temperatures up to 9 degrees in Celsius compared to previous generation CPU cooler from ARCTIC. It delivers amazing performance while remaining relatively quiet.   10 / 2010
PC Ekspert : Freezer 13
Despite its smaller size compared to Freezer Xtreme Rev. 2, the cooling capacity of Freezer 13 increases up to 40W. With the MSRP €19.50, Freezer 13 is the best buy cooler.   10 / 2010
PC HS : Freezer 13
The Freezer 13 is able to dissipate up to 200W of power, which is ideal for overclocking Intel i7 systems. This cooler is equipped with compact design, outstanding cooling capacity, easy installation and low noise level. All these features come with an unbeatable low price, which makes this cooler an excellent choice for anybody!  10 / 2010
AMD Club : Freezer 13
The cooler has excellent design. With good fan speed control, it provides more than enough cooling support. The cooler can be firmly fixed on the working platform with user-friendly mounting mechanism.   09 / 2010
Bloggik : Freezer 13
Freezer 13 has quiet operation and good cooling performance, and hydrodynamic bearing permanently extend the life of the fan. We were pleased with the stiffness of the fins that we didn’t need to worry to damage the cooler during installation.   09 / 2010
KitGuru : Freezer 13
Freezer 13 easily earns our must-have award as one of the best all round cooling packages in the sub £20 price bracket.   09 / 2010
Madbox PC : Freezer 13
We would recommend ARCTIC Freezer 13 to anyone that wants to get rid of the stock cooler for a quieter fan. Its performance is able to keep temperature at a safe level. With the price tag, we believe the ARCTIC Freezer 13 is the best option by far within the economic market coolers.   Продукт известен още и като Freezer 13 UCACO FZ 130 BL, Freezer13UCACOFZ130BL, Freezer 13 (UCACO FZ130 BL), Freezer13UCACO-FZ130-BL, Freezer 13 (UCACO-FZ130 BL)


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