ARCTIC Freezer 7 PRO Rev.2 (DCACO-FP701-CSA01)

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Тип активен охладител
Вентилатор заПроцесор
Обороти на вентилатора2500 об/мин
Въздушен поток 45 CFM
Размери104 x 58 x 126 мм
Тегло520 г

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Intel Socket 1366, 1156, 775
AMD Socket AM3, AM2+, AM2 and 939
Up to 130 Watts High Performance CPU Cooler for Intel and AMD
The Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 is the upgraded version of the renowned Freezer 7 Pro. With the flexible mounting design, this version is compatible with the Intel Core i7, Core i5, as well as AMD Socket AM3. Featuring an ultra quiet 92mm fan and 6 heatpipes, the Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 is one of the most efficient and quiet CPU coolers for power users Main features Compatible with Intel Core i7 and Core i5, as well as AMD sockets
Excellent cooling performance - 130 Watts
Ultra quiet 92mm PWM fan
6 heatpipes and 42 fins for efficient heat dissipation
Patented vibration absorption to eliminate buzzing sounds
Pre-applied ARCTIC MX-2
Easy installation Extremely Cool
The unique heatsink design consists of 42 fins, which significantly increase the heat dissipation area to distribute massive amount of heat faster and more efficient. Featuring a 92mm PWM fan , 6 heatpipes and pre-applied ARCTIC MX-2. , the Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 offers performance far beyond stock coolers and achieves 130 Watts cooling capacity – becoming one of the most efficient  CPU coolers for power users. Extremely Quiet
The Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 is extremely quiet. Thanks to the low noise impeller and patented fan holder, the 92mm fan is almost inaudible. Controlled by PWM signal, the fan runs just the necessary speed for lowest noise level at maximum cooling capacity. The Freezer 7 Pro Rev. 2 generates only 0.8 Sone at 2,500rpm which is much quieter than the standard  cooler and other aftermarket coolers. Easy Installation
The unique mounting system is very user-friendly. The whole installation can be done in a few minutes. This is a totally peace of mind solution for both Intel and AMD users

  Heat Sink  104 L x 58 W x 126.5 H mm Fan  92 mm
Fan Speed  900 - 2500 RPM (controlled by PWM) Air Flow  45 CFM / 77 m 3 /h Max. Cooling Capacity  130 Watts Bearing  Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Weight  520 g Patents  DE 20307981, DE 202005011514,
US 7101149, CN 200610106209                 Продукт известен още и като Freezer 7 PRO Rev 2 DCACO FP 701 CSA 01, Freezer7PRORev2DCACOFP701CSA01, Freezer 7 PRO Rev.2 (DCACO FP701 CSA01), Freezer7PRORev2DCACO-FP701-CSA01, Freezer 7 PRO Rev.2 (DCACO-FP7 01-CSA 01)


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