ARCTIC Freezer i30 UCACO-FI30001-GB

ARCTIC Freezer i30 UCACO-FI30001-GB

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Тип активен охладител
Вентилатор заПроцесор
Обороти на вентилатора1350 об/мин
Въздушен поток 74 CFM
Размери100 x 139 x 161 мм
Тегло900 г

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Intel CPU Cooler for Enthusiasts The Freezer i30 is an enthusiast-grade CPU cooler for the latest Intel socket 2011, as well as socket 1155 and 1156. Patented technologies, direct touch heatpipes, precision machining, a fan vibration absorption and a brand new mounting system offers you plenty of overclocking headroom at a minimal noise level. Direct Touch Heatpipe Heatsink The Freezer i30 heatsink consists of 4 double-sided direct touch heatpipes, 8mm in diameter. A patented process (20 2011 000 71.8) allows us to pack the heatpipes without gaps and thus increase the contact surface and achieve better flatness by precision machining – both leading to an improved heat transfer.  ;Efficient Heat Dissipation As a combined result of the 4 direct touch heatpipes, 48 Aluminum fins, an interchangeable 120 mm PWM Fan ( ARCTIC F12 PWM ), and the famous ARCTIC MX-4 thermal compound (included), the Freezer i30 offers superior cooling performance with a maximum cooling capacity of 320 Watts and lots of headroom for overclocking. Airflow Direction

Cooling Performance at Intel Core i7-3960X (overclocked)
Freezer i30 (at 1,350 RPM)
 ; 44.8 o C*
Boxed Cooler (at 2,020 RPM)
 ;73.4 o C*
Ambient temperature: 25 o C | *Heat spreader temperature ;Virtually Silent Due to the low-noise impeller of the ARCTIC F12 PWM fan and the rubber vibration absorbers, the Freezer i30 generates a negligible noise level of only 0.3 Sone even at full speed (1,350 RPM). Furthermore, as controlled by PWM signal, this fan runs only at the optimized speed based on actual needs, which in turns minimizes the noise level further. Rubber Vibration Absorbers Noise Level at Intel Core i7-3960X
Freezer i30 (at 1,350 RPM)
 ; 0.3 Sone
Boxed Cooler (at 2,020 RPM)
 ;1 Sone
 ;Better ;4 Mounting Directions The Freezer i30 can be mounted in all 4 directions in order to satisfy different air flow preferences due to various PC case and hard ware configurations.  ;Sturdy Mounting Mechanism There is no need to worry about the weight of this muscular, yet gentle cooler. The Freezer i30 applies a durable steel mounting clip and a back-plate*. As a result it has an excellent mounting stability and is fully transport-proof. *Socket 2011: Back-plate is integrated in original Intel socket already.
Socket 1155, 1156: Additional back-plate is bundled with product.  ;Interchangeable Fan Not that you have to replace the fan, but that flexibility is offered!

Technical data
Max. Cooling Capacity320 WattsHeatpipeDirect-Touch ; 8 mm x 4 (double-sided)Heatsink MaterialAluminum fins x 48, thickness: 0.5 mmFan (mm)ARCTIC F12 PWM:
120 mm, 400 – 1,350 RPM (PWM controlled)Airflow74 CFM / 125.7 m;/hBearingFluid Dynamic BearingNoise Level0.3 Sone (@1,350 RPM)Current, Voltage0.22A / 3.5 - 12VDimensions (Product)100 (L) x 139 (W) x 161 (H) mmNet Weight0.9 kg

Dimensions (Packaging)123 (L) x 161 (W) x 187 (H) mmitemnumberUCACO-FI30001-GBUPC087276700 5051Gross Weight1.4 kg


IntelSeriesSocketChipi7 Extreme2011i7-3980X ,  ;i7-3960X ,  ;i72011i7-3930K ,  ;i7-3820 ,  ;i71156i7-880 ,  ;i7-875K ,  ;i7-870S ,  ;i7-870 ,  ;i7-860S ,  ;i7-860 ,  ;i71155i7-2700K ,  ;i7-2600S ,  ;i7-2600K ,  ;i7-2600 ,  ;i51156i5-760 ,  ;i5-750S ,  ;i5-750 ,  ;i5-680 ,  ;i5-670 ,  ;i5-661 ,  ;i5-660 ,  ;i5-655K ,  ;i5-650 ,  ;i5-540 ,  ;i5-530 ,  ;i51155i5-2500T ,  ;i5-2500S ,  ;i5-2500K ,  ;i5-2500 ,  ;i5-2405S ,  ;i5-2400S ,  ;i5-2400 ,  ;i5-2390T ,  ;i5-2320 ,  ;i5-2310 ,  ;i5-2300 ,  ;i31156i3-560 ,  ;i3-550 ,  ;i3-540 ,  ;i3-530 ,  ;i31155i3-3240T ,  ;i3-3240 ,  ;i3-3225 ,  ;i3-3220T ,  ;i3-3220 ,  ;i3-2120 ,  ;i3-2105 ,  ;i3-2100T ,  ;i3-2100 ,  ;Pentium1156G6960 ,  ;G6950 ,  ;Pentium1155G860 ,  ;G850 ,  ;G840 ,  ;Celeron1155G540 ,  ;G530 ,  ;G440 ,  ; ;

Продукт известен още и като Freezer i 30 UCACO FI 30001 GB, Freezeri30UCACOFI30001GB, Freezer i30 UCACO FI30001 GB, Freezeri30UCACO-FI30001-GB, Freezer i30 UCACO-FI30001 GB

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