Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 140mm

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FD 140MM VENTURI HF14 BLACK, he Venturi High Flow Series fans, HF-12 and HF-14, are optimized for low-restriction airflow environments, making them an excellent choice for computer case fans, or other low-restriction usage scenarios. Designed with a variety of performance-increasing and noise-reducing features, these fans can move an amazing amount of air compared to other fans at the same, minimal noise level. The HF-14 comes with two sets of solid vibration-dampening rubber corners: one for standard 140mm fan hole spacing (125mm) and one compatible with the standard 120mm hole spacing (105mm). The Venturi High Flow Series fans are ideal for those looking for a perfect balance between high performance and low noise built from sturdy, high quality materials. pecificationsFanHF-12HP-12 PWMHF-14HP-14 PWMSize [mm]120*120*25mm120*120*25mm140*140*25mm 140*140*25mmColors availableBlack blades, black corners, dark grey ("Gunmetal") frameBlack blades, black corners, dark grey ("Gunmetal") frameBlack blades, black corners, dark grey ("Gunmetal") frameBlack blades, black corners, dark grey ("Gunmetal") frameScrew hole pattern105*105mm105*105mm125*125mm105*10 5mm125*125mm105*105mmConnector3-pin fan header4-pin fan header3-pin fan header4-pin fan headerBearingFDBFDBFDBFDBNumber of blades97117Rotational speed [RPM]1400180012001500Acoustical noise [dB (A)]25.331. 726.530. 1Maximum air flow [CFM]83.461. 4118.278. 1Maximum air flow [m 3 /h]141.7104. 3200.8132. 7Maximum pressure [mm H 2 O]1.222. 30.951. 94Actual input power [W]1.31. 02.21. 4Maximum rated input current [A]0.20. 20.30. 2Nominal input voltage [V]12V12V12V12VMinimum startup voltage [V]4V6V4V7VLow (0-20%) PWM speed400 RPM400 RPMLow PWM Static pressure0.45 mm H2O0.54 mm H2OLow PWM Air flow15.4 CFM26.2 m3/h24.0 CFM40.8 m3/hLow PWM Noise level < 10 dB (A) < 10 dB (A)Low speed adapter speed1100 RPM850 RPMLow speed adapter Static pressure0.89 mm H2O0.59 mm H2OLow speed adapter Air flow65.8 CFM111.8 m3/h78.5 CFM133.4 m3/hLow speed adapter Noise level19.0 dB (A)18.3 dB (A)MTBF [hours]150,000150, 000150,000150, 000Unit weight [g]169179202210Package weight [g]215225260270Cable length [mm]500500500500Cable typeBraided all-black ribbon wireBraided all-black ribbon wireBraided all-black ribbon wireBraided all-black ribbon wirePackaging dimensions [mm]( Including hanging tab)180*122*30180*122*30200*142*30200*14 2*30Packaging dimensions [mm](Excluding hanging tab )147*122*30147*122*30167*142*30167*142*3 0Package contentsVenturi Series fanScrew pack with 4 metal screws[HF models] Low speed adapter[HP models] 1->2 PWM signal splitter cable[140 mm models] 4 additional rubber corners, with 105mm hole pattern Продукт известен още и като Venturi HF 14 140 mm, VenturiHF14140mm, Venturi HF 14 140mm, VenturiHF-14140mm, Venturi HF-14 140 mm
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