Noiseblocker B12-4

Noiseblocker B12-4

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Тип активен охладител
Вентилатор заКутия
Обороти на вентилатора2400 об/мин

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Предлагаме ви Вентилатор 120mm NB-eLoop B12-4 2400rpm - вентилатор 120 мм с нова технология и дизайн на ротора, аеродинамично оптимизиран, насочен въздушен поток (88,5 CFM), модулни кабели, анти-прахово покритие, 2400 оборота, анти-вибрации на цена 23.06 лв. ДОСТАВКАТА НА ТОЗИ ПРОДУКТ Е ЗА СМЕТКА НА КЛИЕНТА. Доставката на този продукт е до 72 часа
Product Description The world's first high-tech compact fan with patented bionic Bionic rotor loop is from Germany. Developed with the support of the Federal Economics Ministry and the bionic Dr. Rudolf Bannasch we make with the NB-ELOOP series against the currently most advanced fan in the world. The NB-ELOOP series sets new records in almost every category and convinced by our quality product. Newly developed storage and drive as well as the tried-NB cable management and a 12-piece mounting for vibration-free mounting complement the overall unique setup.

The new design eliminates the edge of the vertebrae are formed between the suction and pressure side of the wing tips. The tip vortices are here broken down into smaller vortex edge and spread evenly. The resulting at the blade trailing edge tip vortex can be reduced by vorticity guides to a minimum. The result is a significant improvement in glide ratio which leads to a reduction of the aerodynamic flow induced noise and improves energy efficiency. dust-resistant super-smooth surface, original material Bayer Makrolon ®.


Bionic Fan Chassis
  • Aerodynamically optimized Abströmfeld
  • 4 resonance / interference absorbers (Deep Sound Design)
  • Magnified by Einströmfeld ply construction
  • Super-linear performance throughout the rev range, flow-optimized
  • Glass fiber reinforced PBT frame Materialmassierter UL94V0 30% GF

  • NB-EKA 2 Drive

  • Auto restart function for safe start.
  • Built-in locking and overload protection.
  • NB scalable Wide Range Electronics
  • Low starting voltage
  • Speed signal line
  • AntiDust Technology (completely dust-Protected Motor)

  • NB-2 magnetic levitation bearing NanoSLI

  • Lubrication and noise reduction of vertical and horizontal operation without increasing the volume
  • AntiDust Technology (completely dust-proof bearings)
  • Lubrication with special nanotechnology for high durability and low operating noise

  • NB Cable Management

  • Plug-sheathed cable, 1x 20cm + 1 x 50cm

  • Vibration-free mounting

  • The included 12-piece mounting kit allows for vibration-free assembly, which reduces the operating noise when installed.

  • Warranty

  • Six years, according to NB warranty terms

  • Specifications:
    Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm Speed: 2400 RPM ±10% Noise: 34.29 Max. Airflow: 88.5 CFM 150.3 m^3/h Static Pressure: 2.741 mmH2O Bearing: NB-2 magnetic levitation bearing NanoSLI® Voltage Range: 3.3 - 12.0 V DC Starting Voltage: 3.3 V DC Input Current: 0.32A Input Power: 3.84W MTBF at 25°C: 160,000 hrs. Operating Temp. : -10°C to +60°C Chassis Material: PBT 30%GF Impeller Material: Bayer Makrolon (PC) Vibration Dampening Material: Silicone Mix Weight: 123g Warranty: 6 Years
    Гаранция: 72 месеца Продукт известен още и като B 12 4, B124, B12 4, B 12-4

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