Spire CoolReef Pro (SP805S3-CB)

Spire CoolReef Pro (SP805S3-CB)

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Тип активен охладител
Вентилатор заПроцесор
Обороти на вентилатора2700 об/мин
Въздушен поток 35.7 CFM

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Spire Part# SP805S3 is a new version CoolReef Pro value CPU cooler offering efficient and low noise cooling. Quality engineered multi directional aluminum heatsink with dual fin technology maximizing thermal performance resulting is lower cpu and case temperatures. Topped with our newest 92mm sleeve bearing Silent DC fan and equipped with AMD approved leaver-clip retention enabling tool-free and safe installation. Spire signature thermal interface compound is pre-applied for easy installation. The CoolReef II provides ample cooling for the AMD micro-processors up to 95W
Unit Weight    238g
Unit Dimension (cm)    7.7 x 8.5 x 3.4
Accessories    CoolReef Pro
Air Flow (CFM)    46.46

AMD Athlon 64 FX-74 (K8)
AMD Athlon II (AM3)
AMD Athlon X2 (AM2/AM2+)
AMD FM1 (AMD Radeon HD 6530D)
AMD Phenom (AM2/AM2+)
AMD Phenom II (AM2/AM3)
AMD Phenom X3 8450e
AMD Phenom X4 9100e
AMD Sempron 3600+

Bearing Type    Sleeve Bearing
Connectors    3 PIN Molex 2510
Fan Size (cm)    9,5 x 9,5 x 2,5
Fan Type    12VDC

Fits Socket Types    AMD
AMD    AM2, AM3, FM1, FM2
Life Expectancy (HRS)    30000
Material    Aluminum
Noise Level (dBA)    26 ~ 26
Number Of Fans (Pre-Installed)    1
Operating Temperature (°C) From    -10
Operating Temperature (°C) To    70
Options    Heatpipes

Packaging Includes    
Packaging Type    Environmental friendly box
Rated Current (A)    0.16
Rated Power (W)    1.92
Rated Speed (RPM) +/- 10%    2400 ~ 2400
Static Pressure mmH2O    2.11
Storage Temperature (°C) From    -40
Storage Temperature (°C) To    70
Thermal Design Power (W)    95
Thermal Interface Material    Stars-350
Thermal Resistance    0.347
Voltage DC (INPUT)    12 V

Warranty    3 years Продукт известен още и като CoolReef Pro SP 805 S 3 CB, CoolReefProSP805S3CB, CoolReef Pro (SP805S3 CB), CoolReefProSP805S3-CB

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