Fractal Design Newton R3 1000W

Fractal Design Newton R3 1000W

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Мощност на захранването1000 W
Размер на вентилатора140 мм

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Fractal Design NEWTON R3 1000W

Fractal Design NEWTON R3 Series power supply units (PSUs) provide clean power efficiently and silently. The NEWTON R3 is the ultimate choice for demanding high-end gaming computers and ultra-quiet media PCs.

The visual appearance of NEWTON R3 Series PSUs is proof of Fractal Design's commitment to providing innovative computer components infused with stylish, elegant, contemporary Scandinavian design.

Key features

80PLUS® Platinum
Single, powerful 12V rail
SLI (800W and up) and CrossFireX Certified
Long-life ball-bearing fan
Modular cables
Japanese capacitors
Semi-passive fan
80 PLUS® Platinum certified efficiency
Newton R3 Series PSUs meet the highest efficiency specifications currently available for consumer-grade power supplies. This efficiency produces both positive environmental impact, as well as reduces electricity bills. Additionally, because the Newton R3 Series PSUs generate less heat, they provide power at lower fan speeds, which results in reduced noise levels.

Excellent electrical performance
Newton R3 Series PSUs feature excellent DC voltage regulation and ripple suppression; they can deliver their full-rated wattage continuously even with an intake temperature as high as 50°C.

SLI and CrossFireX support
Newton R3 Series PSUs are tested and certified compatible with the latest graphics cards.

Modular Cables
With the exception of a few, all cables on the Newton series power supplies can be detached from the PSU unit. This reduces the clutter, assists with a clean installation and improves the airflow in the computer case.

Compliant with the latest standards
Newton R3 PSUs are compliant with the latest PSU standards: ATX12V 2.31 and EPS12V2.92.

Semi-passive Fan Operation
Newton R3 Series PSUs generate very little heat, they work well without active cooling in most environmental and loading conditions, especially in a well-ventilated case. Subsequently, Newton R3 Series PSUs are equipped with temperature sensors that only start the fan when required to keep the operating temperature down.

Single powerful 12V rail
To provide maximum support for modern components, Newton R3 Series PSUs deliver their full wattage from a single 12V rail.

Extra-long ATX12V cable
Newton R3 Series PSUs are equipped with a 700mm long 12V ("P4") connector cable, which accommodates bottom-mounted-PSU computer cases.

Long-life Ball-bearing Fan
Newton R3 Series PSUs are equipped with ball-bearing fans, which provide the longest expected fan life available on the market.

Premium Japanese capacitors
Newton R3 Series PSUs are equipped with premium Japanese capacitors for maximum reliability and durability.

General specifications

Wattage range

80PLUS® Certification

Modular cables

Fan type
135mm ball-bearing

Maximum operating temperature at full load

Semi-passive operation


Colors Available

Case dimensions - W x H x D (mm)
150 x 86 x 165

Life expectancy (MTBF)
100,000 hours at full load

PSU specification compliance
ATX 2.31 & EPS 2.92

Package dimensions - W x H x D (mm)
445 x 235 x 145

5 Years

AC Input 1000W:

90-264V AC

47-63 Hz

Current (115V/230V)
15A/ 7.5A

DC Output 1000W



3.3V and 5V combined



5V Standby (+5Vsb)

Total Power

Package contents

Newton R3 PSU in protective bag
Modular cables in a cable rollout
User's Manual
AC Power cord (localized)
Velcro cable ties & zip ties
Mounting Screw pack

//www. fractal-design. com/home/product/power-supplies/newton/n ewton-r3-1000w Продукт известен още и като Newton R 3 1000 W, NewtonR31000W, Newton R3 1000 W

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