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FZ 200mm Fan Description NZXT is proud to introduce its latest addition to the FZ fan family. The FZ-200 is engineered to provide high performance cooling with an airflow rating of 103 CFM while maintaining a silent operating profile at 20 dBA. Providing a 15% increase in cooling performance over the FS models, the FZ-200 is NZXT’s most ambitious 200mm fan yet.
If you’re one of the many who believes aesthetics are just as important as performance, the FZ-200 also comes in five different LED colors: Blue, Red, Green, White and Orange. Additionally, each fan comes with sleeved cables, helping you keep unsightly fan wires far away from your build.
Ideal for achieving high airflow with minimal fan noise, the FZ-200 operates at 700 ± 200 RPM and is backed by a 2-year warranty. This 200mm fan is the coolest solution for any enthusiast in demand of extreme airflow.
FZ 200m Fan Features
  • Optimized For High Performance Airflow With Minimal Noise
  • 103 CFM / 20 dBA
  • 15% Increased Airflow Rate Over NZXT FS-200RB/FS-200RB LED (FS-200RB/FS-200RB LED: 89.5CFM)
  • Sleeved Cables Offer Clean, Stylish Installation
  • True 200mm Wide Diameter (Opposed to 193mm)
  • New Standard 154mm Spacing Compatible With Phantom 820, Phantom 630 and Future NZXT Cases
  *NOT compatible with NZXT Vulcan, Phantom, and Hades Technical SpecificationsModel NumberRF-FZ20S-G1 (Green LED)Fan Air Flow103 CFMFan Air Pressure0.83 mm-H2OFan BearingSleeve BearingFan Connector3-PinMounting Holes Distance154 x 154 mmFan Dimensions200 (W) x 200 (H) x 30 (D) mmFan Input Power3.24 W (5.04 W max. )Fan Current0.27 A (0.42 A max. )Fan Life30,000 HoursIncluded Accessories3-Pin to 4-Pin Molex ConvertorIncluded Accessories4 ScrewsIncluded Accessories1 to 2 LED On/Off Switch Cable x 1Fan Noise Level20 dBAFan Voltage12 VUPC815671011312 (Green) .                            Продукт известен още и като FZ 200 RF FZ 20 S, FZ200RFFZ20S, FZ 200 (RF FZ20S), FZ-200RF-FZ20S, FZ 200 (RF-FZ20S), FZ-200 (RF-FZ20 S)
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