M-Audio M3-8 Активни колони

M-Audio M3-8 Активни колони

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Тип система 1.0
RMS мощност 220 W
Честотна област38 - 22000 Hz

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Three-way active monitor with tri-amp Class A/B power (220 W) that is using high quality drive units and exhibits really outstanding performance. It plays louder that a two-way monitor, thanks to the 5 woven Kevlar mid-frequency driver which is literally takes a bigger bite out of the air, which translates into more sound for the same input power. It also handles great amounts of power and is extremely reliable. Having a dedicated midrange driver means that the tweeter (which is the most fragile of speaker elements) does not have to struggle trying to reach down to the midrange frequencies, as tweeters must do in two-way systems. Monitor is further equipped with a 1 silk dome tweeter with an integrated waveguide and an 8 woven Kevlar low-frequency driver. The sound coverage of the monitor is extremely wide and consistent: it uses its drivers only in the frequency range it has very wide-angle dispersion. Monitor utilizes a wood veneer front baffle with vinyl-laminated cabinet with optimized internal bracing and provides XLR and 1/4" balanced inputs, as well as a RCA unbalanced input. It offers a 3-band EQ with bypass, a switchable low-cut filter, and rear-mounted volume and power control. Monitor is protected by output current and over-temperature limiting, transient on/off protection that prevents speaker "popping", a subsonic filter and an external mains fuse. Dimensions: 268 x 434 x 285 mm. Weight: 12.8 kg. Продукт известен още и като M 3 8, M38, M3 8, M 3-8

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