Microlab PRO 1 2.1 Активни колони

Microlab PRO 1 2.1 Активни колони

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Тип система 2.0
RMS мощност 60 W
Честотна област45 - 20000 Hz

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Microlab Pro 1

Microlab Pro 1 is designed for connoisseurs of really high quality sounding of favorite music. Model looks as a classic acoustic system. The original design features are yellow speaker cone and removable plastic panel. Removable panel allows changing exterior of your system from classic to modern Hi-Fi. The system is very steady due to rubber bases.
Clear phonation in low medium and high frequencies is achieved due to composite materials constructed speakers. Such a material is much more efficient in comparison with paper speakers. The frame is made of wood for clear sound performance. And the inner space is smoothing with thick felt absorber.

The system could be placed near monitor, TV or any other equipment because it has safety protection with magnetic shielding of speakers that prevent system from noises.

1.2 mm acoustic cable installation lets to transmit exact signal without distortions.
This model is easy to use owing to either control knobs placed on the front panel or display monitor. Also you can get remote control free (Basic kit contains remote control).
You can connect two sound sources (TV and PC, for instance) and change them by one control knob easily (from panel or remote control).

'- Professional series with beautiful wood finishes
- Powerful and uncoloured audio performances with high fidelity resolutions
- Standalone amplifier for distortion and clear acoustics
- Stereo system with full range spectrum and 5.25" deep bass
- Wireless remote control ideal for movie and music entertainment

Technical Specifications
Amplifier specs
Output power 60, Watt RMS
Power distribution 30x2, Watt
Harmonic distortion 0,3, % (1Watt, 1kHz)
Frequency response 45-20 000, Hz
Signal/Noise ratio 65, dB
Separation 40, dB
Speakers specs
Tweeter driver type 1,
Tweeter rated power 30, Watt
Bass driver type 5,25,
Material MDF
Color dark wood
Remote control 1

Output terminals
Input 2RCA
Auxilliary 2RCA

Satellites 185 x 215 x 290, mm
Amplifier 90 x 315 x 252, mm
Product Net weight 11,95, kg Продукт известен още и като PRO 1 2 1, PRO121

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