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Electro-acoustic guitar from third generation of CPX series that follows the specification for CPX500II model but introduces an upgrade to the pre amp, using a much-improved System 66, which features 3-band EQ, Volume and a Tuner. Its exclusive, medium-Jumbo body boast powerful, rich bass combined with smooth, delicate highs and sweet mid-range for an open, modern voice. Non-scalloped X-type bracing ensures a powerful yet controlled tone that allows the guitar to deliver strong, rich acoustic sounds while still remaining clear and usable on-stage. Body and sides of the instrument are made of combination of nato and okume wood, top is made of resonant spruce. Conventional round soundhole focuses the midrange, while controlling bass, for a direct, powerful sound. Nato neck is fitted with rosewood fingerboard with. Scale length is 650 mm, nut width is 43 mm. Guitar is equipped with the System 66 active electronic that features an under-saddle SRT-Piezo pickup developed by Yamaha. Controls include a 3-band equalizer, an adjustable mid-range frequency control, and a precision chromatic tuner for optimum sound tailoring. The system is powered by easy to obtain AA-size batteries that provide a stable power supply for improved sound quality. Instrument further features a rosewood bridge and die-cast chrome tuners. Body depth is 95-115 mm. Natural colour design. Продукт известен още и като CPX 500 III, CPX 500III, CPX500 III
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