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Tascam DR-100MKIII

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Memory StickНе
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Compact FlashНе


Извод за слушалкиДа
Вход за микрофонДа
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Забавена и забързана скоростДа
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Ширина80 мм
Височина155.7 мм
Дебелина35 мм
Тегло425 г

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Вграден говорителДа
Захранване2 бр. AA батерии/Ni-MH акумулаторни батерии

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TASCAM’s top-of-the-line Handheld Digital Recorder, the DR-100mkIII boasts a signal-to-noise ratio exceeding 100dB, delivering the best audio performance in the history of TASCAM portable stereo recorders. Designed to meet the needs of the most demanding audio designers and engineers, this new model combines robust reliability, an updated user interface and studio quality sonic performance to deliver a truly breathtaking audio experience. Used in a variety of combinations, depending upon the selected function, the DR-100mkIII features dual AKM AK4558 converters with VELVET SOUND architecture, providing both high sound quality and low power consumption, achieving a signal-to-noise ratio of 102dB. The DR-100mkIII uses two independent AK4558 ADC converters. By eliminating interference between left and right channels, signal-to-noise ratio is maximized and audio fidelity is improved. In addition, each of those AD converters can work in a Dual ADC mode. The two AD converters work in tandem then combine their results for a 109dB S/N ratio, beating the (already excellent) 102dB S/N ratio achieved when recording in standard mode. The XLR/TRS inputs, used to connect external mics, deliver the highest sound quality and lowest noise of any TASCAM Handheld Digital Recorder. HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mic preamps are also included to maintain a pristine audio signal path throughout. A newly designed microphone housing for the directional mics is based on exhaustive research of previous TASCAM handheld recorders and achieves the perfect marriage of protection and performance. Similarly, the omnidirectional stereo microphone setup features a sound pressure level tolerance of 125dB SPL – able to withstand virtually any audio environment - and includes an integrated shock mount structure to suppresses unwanted vibration and handling noise. With a dual battery structure that features a built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery as well as with hot-swappable AA batteries, operation is possible for extended periods of time and is ready to go when you are. Additionally, the DR-100mkIII can be rapidly charged by connecting an AC adapter and even support USB Bus power from an external battery pack commonly used to charge mobile phones and tablets. When working on location, decisions must be made quickly and efficiently, and an intuitive and consistent User Interface is critical. By gathering feedback from users of the original DR-100 and the mkII, we have been able to add a variety of usability enhancements designed to streamline workflow and help audio professionals achieve success quickly and efficiently. The user interface has been designed to maximize visual confirmation, and includes a large LCD screen (double the size of the screen on the DR-100mkII), dedicated status LEDs for features such as record levels and status and easy-to-read legends on the casework. Dedicated hardware controls have been implemented for the most commonly accessed features to enable quick, positive operation in the field. Dual format recording function allows simultaneous recording of both uncompressed WAV(BWF) and MP3 files. This provides the user with instant access to both the original, full resolution master file and a compressed MP3 file (with a much smaller file size) for easy emailing or posting to social media sites. XRI (eXtended Recording Information) function stores keeps track of all recording settings as part of the file. This powerful features allows the user to easily double-check the details of the original recording for logging or replication of recording conditions at a later date. This information includes date and time of recording, input sources selection and levels, ADC mode on/off status and more. XRI information is stored as part of the BWF data block. FeaturesAKM AK4558 converters with VELVET SOUND architecture deliver a S/N ratio of 102dBDual mono mode, using independent AK4558 converters for both the left and right channels, provides a S/N ratio of 109dBExternal microphones supported with XLR/TRS inputs and built-in low-noise HDDA mic preampsOnboard dual (directional/omnidirectional) stereo microphones with integrated shockmounts deliver flexible recording options while retaining professional quality audio performanceSupports up to 192kHz/24bit recordingDual battery structure allows the built-in high-capacity lithium-ion battery to be used along with 2 AA batteriesAA batteries may be replaced during operation (when using the lithium-ion battery) delivering hours of uninterrupted recordingTASCAM’s unique Dual Level recording function allows simultaneous recording of a backup file at a lower gain levelDual format recording function allows simultaneous recording of both WAV and MP3 filesLocking XLR/TRS combo jacks made by AmphenolTough aluminum body to deliver years of reliable useHigh-precision clock featuring a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO)The user interface has been designed to provide clear visual feedback, and includes both a large LCD screen and dedicated status LEDsSelect hardware switches for quick and positive setting control Продукт известен още и като DR 100 MKIII, DR100MKIII, DR 100MKIII, DR-100 MKIII


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