Samsung Flash Drive BAR 128GB MUF-128BA/EU Флаш памет

Samsung Flash Drive BAR 128GB MUF-128BA/EU Флаш памет

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USB конектор типСтандартен USB
Капацитет 128 GB
Тип свързване USB 3.0
Скорост на четене 130 MB/сек
Скорост на запис 130 MB/сек


Ширина10.9 мм
Височина40 мм
Дебелина10.9 мм
Тегло8.9 г

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Samsung Standart BAR (MUF-128BA/EU)

Samsung 128GB MUF-128BA Standart BAR USB 3.0, Water and Shock Proof, Read 130MB/s

When form and function collide. The Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive features a high-quality metal casing for exceptional durability, and a streamlined, ergonomically designed body for easy, natural use and grip. And with Samsung performance and reliability, it is designed to help keep your data safe.

Unique, sophisticated design. The sleek Samsung USB drive is an appealing combination of form and performance. The streamlined, no-bulk, metallic-based design is crafted to appeal to your aesthetic side, while the large key ring hole is practical to help prevent loss.

Samsung reliability helps safeguard your data. The newest in the Samsung family of memory products, this USB flash drive offers NAND flash technology and a 5-year warranty*. It’s all the quality you’ve come to expect from Samsung, the trusted name for memory.


General Feature

Product Type
USB 3.0 Flash Drive

PC, Notebook

128GB (1GB=1Billion byte) * Actual usable capacity may be less (due to formatting, operating system, applications or otherwise)

USB 3.0

Standard A

Dimension (WxHxD)
40 X 12.2 X 10.92mm

Approx. 8.9g

Up to 130MB/s transfer speed * Actual speed may vary depending on use host device conditions and environment.

Non-Operating Temperature

Operating Temperature

15,000 G (Gauss)

80KV, 50uA, 4W, 500 sec Radiation time.

1m depth 3% NaCl salt water, 72hrs

Acceleration :1,500 g (gravity), Duration time : 0.5ms, Direction : x, y, z 3 times

KC, FCC, CE, VCCI, RCM Продукт известен още и като Flash Drive BAR 128 GB MUF 128 BA EU, FlashDriveBAR128GBMUF128BAEU, Flash Drive BAR 128GB MUF 128BA/EU, FlashDriveBAR128GBMUF-128BAEU, Flash Drive BAR 128GB MUF-128BA/ EU

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