GPO Retro Attache

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Stylish, lightweight and available in a range of colours, this suitcase record player makes it simple for you to play your vinyl wherever you are. Made of wood and bound in leatherette this briefcase styled record player features built in stereo speakers so you can tune in without needing a speaker system. The attache also comes with a USB stick so you can record your vinyl records on the go as well. Digital output: USB port. Supports all 3 record speeds: 33/45/78 RPM. Built in RCA audio out to allow additional speakers to be connected. Compatible with the GPO Westwood speaker and GPO Westwood Mini amplifier. Dimensions: 355 x 275 x 135 mm. Weight: 2,5 kg. Colour: Apple Green Продукт известен още и като RetroAttache
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