Jabra Active Хендсфри слушалка

Jabra Active Хендсфри слушалка

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Jabra Active

- Premium stereo sound quality with clear detailed sound reproduction
- Exercise for hours with comfortable earbuds ergonomically-designed for your ears. They stay firmly in - place – no matter how vigorous your workout gets
- Control both your music and calls directly from the headset
- Sound isolating ear buds in small, medium and large sizes
- Microphone wind-noise reduction technology
- Available in different colors (some colors may be unavailable in your country


Connectivity: 3.5 mm Jack
Connectivity refers to the options for how the headset can be connected to another device, e. g. a phone, a PC or an amplifier
Works with WIFI phones
Works with DECT phones
Works with mobile phones
Ideal for in car usage

Frequency Response: Hifi
Speakers with a hifi frequency sound produce a sound range well suited for realistic sound reproduction, e. g. Music


Microphone Type: Omni Directional/noise filter
Enhances call clarity by eliminating background noise from the office.
Microphone Sensitivity: Standard (E-STD)
Standard (STD) variation microphone sensitivity is comparable to a normal telephone receiver and is used in most telephone devices.
Mute Function: No
There is no option to "mute/unmute" a conversation directly from the device


Wearing Style: In the ear
In the ear devices are worn in the ear

Water Proof: Yes

This product is water proof
Water Resistant: Yes

This product is water proof
Cable Type: Rubber

Type of material the cable is made from
Dimensions: L 1.57 in x H 0.70 in x W 0.90
Product dimensions, in inches

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