Nintendo Dr Kawashima's Brain Training How Old is Your Brain? (Nintendo DS)

Nintendo Dr Kawashima's Brain Training How Old is Your Brain? (Nintendo DS)

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ПлатформаNintendo DS
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Sudoku - Use logic to fill in missing numbers on a grid.
Syllable Count - Count the syllables in well-known phrases.
Reading Aloud - Read classic literature as fast as possible.
Stroop Test - Say the names of colors as they appear.

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training

Word Memory - Memorize words that appear on screen.
Speed Counting - Count to 120 as fast as you can.
Connect Maze - Draw lines to connect letters and numbers in alphabetical and numeric order.
Calculation - Perform simple math problems quickly.
Head Count - Count people as they enter and exit a house.
Triangle Math - Solve math problems in a certain pattern.
Low to High - Memorize the position of numbers, then touch them in order from lowest to highest. Продукт известен още и като Dr Kawashima s Brain Training How Old is Your Brain Nintendo DS, DrKawashimasBrainTrainingHowOldisYourBrainNintendoDS
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