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Modecom KBD, Modecom Volcano Lanparty PRO, Gaming, Mechanical, USB

120,00 лв
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Modecom Volcano Lanparty PRO Mechanical EN

138,40 лв
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Modecom Клавиатура Modecom Volcano Lanparty PRO, гейминг, механична, подсветка, черна, USB (K-MC-LANPARTY-U-PRO-BLUE)

168,99 лв
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MODECOM VOLCANO LANPARTY PRO is an advanced keyboard for professional gamers looking for reliant equipment to use during long-lasting sessions in virtual world. Compact construction of MODECOM VOLCANO LANPARTY PRO is equipped with a list of advanced functions useful in games requiring tactical abilities.
Key features

mechanical keyboard (Kailh blue switch), 87 keys, double-injection keycaps, Windows key lock, multimedia hotkeys
Special features
full anti-ghosting, red backlight, anti-slip rubber feet
180-long braided cable, gold-plated connector
87 mechanical keys (Kailh blue switch)

MODECOM VOLCANO LANPARTY PRO is equipped with 87 mechanical keys which are extremely convenient in use and durable. They make mechanical high-pitched clicking sound adored by gamers.
Durable keys

MODECOM VOLCANO LANPARTY PRO high-quality keys were moulded with the use of double-injection process. Double-injection keycap is made of two moulded elements. Accordingly, the letters will stay on the keys forever even if the keyboard is exploited intensively.
Główne cechy klawiatury mechanicznej

Mechanical keyboard is a perfect solution for professional gamers. In mechanical keyboards, each key is equipped with separate mechanism increasing response time, accuracy, precision and convenience in use. MODECOM VOLCANO LANPARTY PLUS is equipped with blue switches providing extraordinary accuracy, convenience in use and high-pitched clicking sound.

- Instant response
- Solid construction
- Durability
- Convenient use
- High-pitched clicking sound
Full anti-ghosting

The majority of keyboards can register only a few commands actuated by your fingers. Such limitation prevents you from actuating some commands requiring more keys to be pressed in a game. Consequently, it limits the entertainment and influences your results. MODECOM VOLCANO LANPARTY PRO keyboard is equipped with full anti-ghosting function. This means that you can press any number of keys you want and they will all be registered. MODECOM VOLCANO LANPARTY PRO keyboard is professional tournament equipment.
Fully adjustable LED backlight

MODECOM VOLCANO LANPARTY PRO keyboard is equipped with fully adjustable red LED backlight. User can choose backlight from several templates or create his own profiles and adjust them to a given game or his own preferences.
Aluminium top-cover

Top cover of MODECOM VOLCANO LANPARTY PRO keyboard case is covered with high-quality aluminium stabilizing the construction. It also makes is look very nice.

Продукт известен още и като VolcanoLanpartyPro
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