NATEC Genesis CX33 Клавиатури

NATEC Genesis CX33 Клавиатури

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ТипКлавиатура и мишка
Свързване на клавиатуратаUSB
Мултимедийна клавиатураНе
Мишка типоптична
Свързване типUSB

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Предлагаме ви Геймърски комплект клавиатура и мишка Gaming Combo Set Keyboard + Mouse - CX33 - US layout на цена 67.91 лв. ДОСТАВКАТА НА ТОЗИ ПРОДУКТ Е ЗА СМЕТКА НА КЛИЕНТА. Доставката на този продукт е до 72 часа

COMBO SET DESIGNED FOR PLAYERS Genesis CX33 is set for players who appreciate functionality combined with an ergonomic shape and gaming style. This combo set will bring you the full enjoyment of the game. ACCURATE SENSOR Heart of the Natec Genesis CX33 mouse is optical sensor Avago 5050 with a maximum resolution up to 3500 DPI and On-the-Fly function which allows dynamic change of DPI resolution in four levels. Thanks to this functions, the mouse becomes extremely precise and will become a valuable weapon in the hands of the player. ADVANCED SOFTWARE Included advanced software of mouse allows to assign many functions to each of 6 buttons, set the DPI from 250 to 3500, save macros and profiles and polling rate. This software also allows you to set the response time of double-clicking. All this function ensures that the player has complete control over the mouse that allows you set it to meet your requirements. ERGONOMICS AND DESIGN As befits a gaming equipment, the mouse has a characteristic ergonomic design that make using it very pleasure. Design of mouse is complemented by backlight on both sides that informs the user about the current DPI.
FOR THE PLAYERS The keyboard has everything which a true player needs – anti-ghosting function on most of keys used in games, the Windows key lock and multimedia buttons. All these parts are made to increase comfort and efficiency of playing, so that using will be just a great pleasure.
DURABILITY The letters on the keys are covered with a UV coating that prevents letters abrasion. This causes that the keyboard will longer retain its appearance. Keyboard is made from high quality materials to ensure durability and resistance to light damage.

COMFORT Th e keyboard has a specially profiled wrist support, which is designed to ensure comfort during long sessions battles. In addition the rubber feet under the keyboard prevents movement which guarantee full control even in the most exciting battles.


System requirements
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS X 10.5 i nowsze (PLUG&PLAY)
  • Linux kernel 2.6+ (PLUG&PLAY)
  • USB port
Warranty information
  • 2-year limited manufacturer warranty
Package contents
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • User Manual
Product specification Mouse
SensorAVAGO 5050DPI3500Report rate1000 HzCable Length180 cmKEYBOARD
Number of keys114Key MechanismMembraneCable Length150 cm

Гаранция: 24 месеца Продукт известен още и като Genesis CX 33, GenesisCX33

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