Zalman H1

Zalman H1

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Тип BigTower

Слотове за разширение

Възможност за 5.25" устройство  3
Възможност за вътрешно 3.5" устройство  7


Ширина 237 мм
Височина 551 мм
Дълбочина 569 мм
Тегло 10000 г

Поддържани дънни платки

Micro ATX Да
Extended ATX Да

Изводи на предния панел

Брой USB портове 4
Аудиожак на предния панел  Да

Още параметри

LCD екран Не
Прозрачна стена Да

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   AHV Cooling System AHV function allows the product to operated in low noise under the temperature that the user had set, and when the temperature goes over the set up temperature the upper vent opens up and the fan starts operating, ventilating the heat and returns to the low noise mode.  

Modular Type Fan Controller Modular Type of fan controller that independently controls front, upper and rear fans  

Dual Radiator Water Cooler installable Extra space for dual radiator water cooler installment  

Highly Functional 200mm LED Fan Highly functional and low noise 200mm LED fan is installed in the front, excellent in cooling and the blue LED providing tuning effect  

Exclusive Power Supply Cooling The bottom air vent directly cools the power supply maximizing efficiency and stability  

User-centered convenient Interface USB 3.0 port, audio port/power & reset button are all located in the upper part of the product for users convenience  

Aluminum style applied foreside and upper door Black brushed aluminum style door gives a luxurious look and feel. The frontal panel doors maybe opened when a faster cooling is needed  

Dust Filter Installed Prevents dust from entering the frontal and bottom vent, extending the products life and increasing cooling effect  

Side Acryl Panel provided Side Acryl Tuning provided for users to view the interior.  

Black Chassis finish The internal Chassis is done in black, giving complete and elegant finish  

Excellent Expandability and Wide Space Full towers excellent expandability gives enough room to install multiple HDD/SDD, 160mm tall CPU cooler, 350mm VGA card. dual radiator water cooler  

Supports Hot-Swap installment Through Hot-Swap Bay data storage HDD maybe removed and installed easily and quickly  

Anti-vibration Tool Free HDD installed Tray for mounting hard disc is design in Tool-Free server form Mounting hard-disc is very easy and easy to maintain Applied anti-vibration rubber  

HDD Bay Module Design HDD Bay can be modularized and can get rid of unneeded bays  

Anti-vibration and noise absorbing Stanchion Rubber Stanchion has been applied at the bottom of the case and Power Supply to prevent sliding and vibration noise  

Hole for organizing cables and cords A hole for organizing cables is provided so that the internal space may be used efficiently  

Enclosure Type Full Tower CaseDimensions 237(W) x 551(H) x 569(D)mmMotherboard Compatibility Standard ATX / Mini-ITX / Micro ATX / LX-ATX / E-ATXPower Supply Compatibility Standard ATX / ATX12VPCI/AGP Card Compatibility Full Size 360mm (14.1inch)Drive Bays 5.25" 33.5" 7Hot-swap 3.5"/2.5" HDD x 3EACommon Internal Bay 5.25" / 3.5" / 2.5" x 1Cooling
(Fans) Top 120mm Fan Vent x 2 (2 Fan included)Rear 120mm Fan Vent x 1 (1 Fan included)Front 200mm LED Fan x 1 (1 Blue LED Fan included)Cooling Kit 120mm Additional Fan x 1 (1 Fan optional (Internal))Fan controller Simultaneously Control 2 ChannelsVGA Guide YesAcrylic Side /Vent YesI/O Ports Headphones x 1, Mic x 1, USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 2,
Temperature DisplayAcrylic Side YesExpansion Card Slots 9 Slots
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