Clavia Nord Stage 2 EX Compact

Clavia Nord Stage 2 EX Compact

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Stage piano with fully balanced 88-key hammer-action keyboard (A-C), improved Factory Bank and Nord Sample Library selection with bigger memory. It offers classic 3 sections - Piano, Organ, Synth, 400 programs (each with 5 locations) with categories and sort modes, Master Level, Wooden Pitch and Modulation Wheel controls, 5 buffers, 2 individual slot setups, and 3 Morph sources. Improved Factory Bank has at its disposal a number of sounds (5 Grand Piano, 7 Upright Piano, 11 Electric Piano, Clavinet, Harpsichord) and Nord Sample Library with larger 1GB memory that offers a selection of string, choir and folk instruments. In addition, it features an extensive range of effects, easy control settings with a visible current setting, external section that allows the piano to serve as the main keyboard, extended Live mode, USB-MIDI interface, global mono output or adjustable transposition. Included is a user manual, a cover, sustain pedal, power cable, DVD Sample and Piano, and USB cable. Dimensions: 1287 x 118 x 334 mm, weight: 18,5 kg. Продукт известен още и като NordStage2EXCompact

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