Samsung NZ64H37070K/EO

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Samsung Electronics Polska Samsung NZ64H37070K Black Built-in Zone induction hob 4 zone(s) (NZ64H37070K)

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Цвят Черен
Тип Електрически плот
Оформление за вграждане
Управление  Сензорно (с докосване)
Обща мощност 7 кВ
Брой котлони 4
Индукционен котлон  Да
Обикновени (не индукционни) керамични котлони Не


Детска защита Да


Ширина 59.5 см
Дълбочина 52 см
Дебелина 5.6 см

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Samsung NZ64H37070K Induction hobDescriptionNZ64H37070K Induction hobIntuitive temperature controlThe exceptionally wide and intuitive temperature controller that responds to finger movement in the Samsung NZ3000 Induction Board enables fast and accurate temperature selection. Just touch and slide your finger on the potentiometer to immediately switch on or change the heating level in each cooking zone - it's just one simple move. Due to the fact that the regulator is almost twice as wide as the standard, the user can choose the heating output very precisely. One touch offThe quick stop feature offered by the Samsung NZ3000 allows you to prevent many accidents while cooking. One touch allows you to immediately switch off the cooking zone, preventing the contents of the pot from boiling on the plate or burning food. If you need to leave the kitchen suddenly, the Quick Stop feature ensures that you can do it quickly and safely. Automatic pot detectionThe Samsung NZ3000 Induction Plate has the Auto Pan Detector function, which ensures that there is a suitable dish in each cooking zone. When the pot or pan is placed in the middle of the cooking zone, the plate immediately checks to see if the diameter of the vessel and its size are appropriate for the zone. If the vessel covers less than 60% of the area of ​​the zone, the plate will generate a notification that another vessel is required. Safer for childrenTo maximize safety in the kitchen, we have introduced a child lock that prevents even the most ingenious babies from starting the board. One motion can lock the entire board, so it is not possible to turn it on accidentally or in error. This function also reduces the risk of burns by children. Automatically saferSafety Shutoff guarantees complete peace of mind. Automatically deactivates all cooking zones if left on for too long or if the user has not tampered with the plate for a certain period of time. Hence, this plate reduces any possible losses or reduces the risk of a dangerous accident if you forget to cook for the duration of the conversation with your family or friends. Характеристики
Total power:7.2 kW
No. of cooking zones:4
oven plates:- Нагряване/ Сгорещяване capacity 140mm: 1,25 / 1,5 kW- Нагревател power 220mm: 2,35 / 2,6 kW
functions:Автоматично изключванеRecognition of pot size/presenceЗащита за деца
Височина:5.7 cm
Широчина:59 cm
Дълбочина:52 cm
Тегло, kg:10.5 kg

Продукт известен още и като NZ 64 H 37070 K EO, NZ64H37070KEO, NZ 64H37070K/EO, NZ64H37070K/ EO
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