ADATA 8GB DDR4 2800MHz AX4U2800W8G17-BRD

ADATA 8GB DDR4 2800MHz AX4U2800W8G17-BRD

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Размер на паметта8 GB
Тип паметDDR4
Скорост2800 MHz
Multi-Channel комплектSingle-channel
CAS латентностCL 17
Охладителни ребраДа
Напрежение1.2 V

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8GB DDR4 2800Mhz, A-Data XPG Dazzle

Built for professional case modders, PC enthusiasts, and gamers, ADATA XPG Dazzle DDR4 LED memory modules feature an armor-inspired design and a red LED strip. They make PCs look cooler and more appealing, extreme-style. XPG Dazzle delivers all DDR4 benefits, with remarkable performance and power efficiency. It consumes 20% less power compared to DDR3. Utilizing unique Thermal Conductive Technology and a 10-layer PCB, XPG Dazzle offers excellent cooling for great stability and durability.

Shining LED Strip Demands Attention

XPG Dazzle DDR4 LED memory modules maintain and evolve the aggressive but sleek style of XPG products, featuring a tough outline, cool color combinations, and their own unique highlight in the form of a shining LED strip built into the heatsink. With a special design and alluring red LED, XPG Dazzle makes case mods look awesome and revitalizes every performance PC, whether you're overclocking or engaged in the most intense gaming action.

Model name





Heat Sink color

LED color
Red Продукт известен още и като 8 GB DDR 4 2800 MHz AX 4 U 2800 W 8 G 17 BRD, 8GBDDR42800MHzAX4U2800W8G17BRD, 8GB DDR4 2800MHz AX4U2800W8G17 BRD, 8GBDDR42800MHzAX4U2800W8G17-BRD, 8 GB DDR4 28 00MHz AX4U28 00W8 G17-BRD

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