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Сензор типCCD
Размер на хартиятаA4
Оптична резолюция 4800 x 9600 dpi
Дълбочина на цвета 48 bit


USB интерфейс тип2.0
LPT портНе


Ширина576 мм
Височина118 мм
Дълбочина297 мм
Тегло6400 г

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Legal-size scanner features versatility, performance and value for photos and film

Microtek is pleased to introduce yet another innovative scanning solution to its product family with the ScanMaker i800 which is designed for corporate, SOHO mostly and Home users. The ScanMaker i800 offers best-of-class digital imaging quality such as 48-bit color, 9600 x4800 dpi optical resolution, FireWire and High Speed USB connectivity, a 8" x 12" transparency adapter, 4 versatile EZ-Lock™ holders for 35mm slides, 35mm filmstrips, 4" x 5", and 120 film up to 6 x 17cm panoramic. This Dual-Media reflective and multi-format film scanner also integrated the exclusive DIGITAL ICE Technology and ColoRescue Technology which automatically maps, identifies, and eliminates surface defects on photos and film, and restores faded film and photos.

Smart touch buttons let you choose from 7 useful and powerful functions!
DIGITAL ICE - Fix wrinkled, scratched creased and torn photos with on touch.
Scan - Instantly scan to file or an application.
Copy - Make color copies of your favorite photos.
Email - Stay in touch! Email photos to family and friends.
OCR - From paper to digital in one easy step.
PDF - Instantly scan files to PDF format.
Custom - Use this for faxing, power saving and more.

Built-in 8" x 12" transparency adapter delivers professional results with pre
The ScanMaker i800 sports a built-in transparency adapter with a separate moving light source that allows you to scan film and transparencies up to 8" x 12". Included EZ-Lock™ film holders accommodate 35mm slides, 35mm filmstrips, 4" x 5", and 120 film up to 6 x 17cm panoramic. Plus, the included 4" x 5" and 6 x 22cm film holders are specially tension-designed to ensure your film stays perfectly flat, yielding sharper image quality.

Ultra-fast scanning with FireWire and Hi-Speed USB connectivity
Microtek's special electronic design provides both FireWire and Hi-Speed USB (USB 2. 0) connections. By simply connecting the FireWire cable to your computer, you get 400 Mbps data transmission for fast, high-resolution image transfer. New Hi-Speed USB is capable of 480Mbps data transfer, with true plug-and-play capability. All USB 2. 0 devices are backward compatible with older USB 1. 1 ports.

Damaged photos and film are a thing of the past with Microtek
The ScanMaker i800 is equipped with Microtek's exclusive PictuRescue™ system - a total photo and film reconstruction and restoration solution that incorporates DIGITAL ICE Technology and ColoRescue™. DIGITAL ICE Technology automatically maps, identifies, and eliminates surfaces defects on photos and film. Built into the hardware, it removes creases, rips, tears, and dust while it scans, bringing damaged media back to pristine, near-original quality. And ColoRescue™ brings faded colors back to life with a single click for more vibrant images. Save time and money restoring damaged photos, or just get the most out of your positives and negatives. DIGITAL ICE Technology gets rid of surface defects so you don't have to.

4800 dpi high resolution, 48-bit color depth and 4. 0 Dmax
The ScanMaker i800 has a 41, 300-element CCD with resolution that reaches up to 4, 800 pixels per inch. With the built-in 48-bit ADC (Analog to Digital Converter), the ScanMaker i800 can convert originals to digital data with high fidelity format. It is capable of delivering full 48-bit depth color for richer and smoother tonal values, and an optical range of 4. 0 Dmax allows users to capture details in highlight and shadow areas, as well as accurately represent gradation and natural color from originals without sacrificing details of the image.

Valued Software Pack
The ScanMaker i800 comes with a generous software and accessories package including Adobe Photoshop Elements, Microtek's ScanWizard™ 5 with LAN Wizard, integrated Kodak Digital Science Color management system and scanner profiler, and ABBYY FineReader Sprint for OCR, and Ulead Photo Explorer for image viewer and multimedia file management. Depending on the version SilverFast is in the package included. The scanner will come in three versions: ScanMaker i800SE with SilverFast SE, ScanMaker i800 Silver with SilverFast Ai and the third version ScanMaker i800 HDR with Silverfast Ai and SilverFast HDR. In addition, it is compatible with Microsoft XP, ME, 2000 and 98SE, as well as Mac 10. 3 and above.


Hi-Speed USB 2. 0 and FireWire (IEEE 1394 standard)


Tri-linear RGB CCD, 41, 300-elements/arrays with Cold Cathode Lamp

Оптична резолюция

9, 600 x 4, 800 dpi
Максимални нтерполирани: 25, 600 dpi

Сканирана площ

Reflective: 8. 5" x 14" / 216 mm x 356 mm (Legal-size)
Transparency: 8" x 12" (203 mm x 305 mm)

Дълбочина на цвета


Размери и тегло

576 x 297 x 118 mm
800 x 406 x 235 mm (Транспортни размери с кутия)
6. 4 Kg
10. 3 Kg (Транспортно тегло с кутия)

Системни изисквания

- CD-ROM drive (for installing software)
- Color monitor with 24-bit color capability
- 128MB RAM (256MB or more to use Digital ICE)
- Pentium III PC or higher with FireWire port
- Windows 98SE, 2000, Me or XP
- Pentium III PC or higher with USB port
- Microsoft Windows 98SE, 2000, Me or XP
* PLEASE NOTE: To achieve USB 2. 0 throughput speeds, a USB 2. 0 supported system is required.

- CD-ROM drive (for installing software)
- Color monitor with 24-bit color capability
- 128MB RAM (256MB or more to use Digital ICE)
- iMac DV or Mac G3/G4/G5 with built-in FireWire port
- Mac OS 9. x, OS X 10. 2, 10. 3 and later versions; Built for Mac OS X
- iMac DV or Mac G3/G4/G5 with built-in USB port
- Mac OS 9. x, OS X 10. 2, 10. 3 and later versions; Built for Mac OS X
* PLEASE NOTE: To achieve USB 2. 0 throughput speeds, a USB 2. 0 supported system is required.

Поддържани операционни системи

Windows and Macintosh

Включен софтуер

Microtek ScanWizard™ with DIGITAL ICE™ Technology (PC/Mac)
Microtek LAN Wizard™ (PC)
Kodak Digital Science Color Management (PC/Mac)
ABBYY FineReader Sprint (PC/MAC)
Adobe Photoshop Elements (PC/Mac)
Adobe Acrobat Reader (PC/Mac)
Ulead Photo Explorer (PC/Mac)

Какво има в кутията

EZ-Lock™ 35mm mounted slide holder (12 frames)
EZ-Lock™ 35mm filmstrip holder (24 frames)
EZ-Lock™ 4"x 5" film holder (2 frames)
EZ-Lock™ Medium format strip/panoramic (6 x 22cm) holder
Film alignment ruler (for scanning film without film holders)
FireWire cable
USB 2. 0 cable
Power cable
Microtek software CD

12 месеца Продукт известен още и като ScanMaker i 800 Plus 1108 03 780300, ScanMakeri800Plus110803780300, ScanMaker i800 Plus (1108 03 780300), ScanMakeri800Plus1108-03-780300, ScanMaker i800 Plus (1108-03 780300)
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