MODECOM MC-400 Fruity Слушалки

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Тип слушалкиДиадема
Тип връзкакабелни
Минимална честота20 Hz
Максимална честота20000 Hz
Чувствителност105 dB
Дължина на кабела120 см
Регулатор за усилванеНе

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Modecom Volcano MC-400 FRUITY

The series of these urban headphones was designed in order to provide you not only with great sound, but also visual sensations. Apart from great sound, they have modern and minimalistic frame in one colour. In addition, built-in microphone enables having phone calls.


MODECOM MC-400 FRUITY is a series of headphones available in four colours making you stand out from the crowd and manifest your personality.


Apart from nice and modern design, MODECOM MC-400 FRUITY give you clear bass and sharp sound. Wide range of supported frequency provides the user with extreme sound sensations in both bass and treble. They are equipped with a microphone enabling making phone calls.


You're always on the move making phone calls and don;t have time for listening to music? Thanks to MODECOM MC-400 FRUITY, you can listen to your favourite music and make phone calls. The microphone placed on the cable enables connecting the headphones to your cell and use them when talking on the phone. On the other hand, the button on the microphone enables answering phone calls and hanging up. Due to the fact that MC-400 FRUITY were designed for using them with mobile devices, they also have light weight. In order to maximise the comfort, MC-400 FRUITY are equipped with soft earmuffs with a nice feel.


Frequency range 20-20000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ohms@ 1KHz
Maximum input power 100 mw
Sensitivity 105dB/mW (+/- 3)
Connector 3.5mm mini jack
Cable length ca. 1.2m
Type Headphones Продукт известен още и като MC 400 Fruity, MC400Fruity, MC-400Fruity


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