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298,00 лв
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Тип слушалкиТапи
Тип връзкакабелни
Минимална честота22 Hz
Максимална честота18500 Hz
Чувствителност116 dB
Дължина на кабела162 см
Тегло30 г

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Dynamic in-ear headphones from SE series that have evolved from personal monitor technology and provide detailed sound with deep bass. Headphones are equipped with single high-definition MicroDrivers with tuned Bass Port, and sound isolating technology that prevents outside noise from interfering with listening experience and provides perfect fit: sound isolating sleeves offer up to 37 dB of isolation and are included in multiple sizes. Ergonomic, professional lightweight design with low-profile is shaped with optimized nozzle angle and rests comfortably in the ear. Durable detachable Kevlar reinforced cable with Wireform fit allows easy replacement or customization, while over-the-ear configuration keeps it out of the way. Cable is terminated with gold-plated MMCX connector with a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360° rotation for comfortable fit. Headphones offer frequency range 22 Hz – 18.5 kHz, with sensitivity 116 dB SPL/mW. Fit Kit is included and contains sound isolating sleeves made of the flex and black foam in three sizes (S, M, L), as well as 1 pair of triple flange and 1 pair of universal fit yellow foam sleeves. Soft-zip, compact carrying case is also included. Length of the cable: 163 cm. Impedance: 27 Ohm. Clear colour design. Продукт известен още и като SE 315


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