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Allied Telesis AT-GS950/48PS-50

The Allied Telesis AT-GS950/48PS Gigabit Ethernet WebSmart switch features 48 10/100/1000T ports and four SFP combo ports, delivering up to 30 Watts per port (PoE+) to support video surveillance and security cameras, wireless access points, IP phones and other PoE powered devices. The PoE option eliminates the need for power rewiring and minimizes the clutter of power supplies and adapters in awkward places. Thanks to its compact size, the AT-GS950/48PS is ideal for the edge of SMB businesses, classrooms, larger retail stores, healthcare clinics and spas.

Switch Type: Fixed Port
Port Count: 48

Routing/Switching: WebSmart Layer 2
Primary Port Speed: Gigabit Ethernet
Primary Port Type: Copper RJ45
Uplink Type: SFP

48x 10/100/1000T
4 x SFP combo ports

Eco Friendly
PoE Budget: 370.00 W
PoE+ Budget: 370.00 W Продукт известен още и като AT GS 950 48 PS, ATGS95048PS, AT GS950/48PS, AT-GS95048PS, AT-GS950/48 PS
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