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Modelling combo amplifier that uses Yamaha’s exclusive VCM (Virtual Circuitry Modelling) technology which perfectly recreates the unmistakable response and dynamics that only a boutique tube combo can provide. It offers five amp types: DELUXE (twin 6L6 output stage and low gain preamp for clean tube warmth with late-breakup); CLASS A (4xEL84s in a true Class-A configuration with interactive EQ for rich, complex harmonic tones and warm overdrive); US BLUES (low-power, low-gain twin EL84 design for clarity and definition); BRIT BLUES (KT88 powered for easy breakup and midrange rich overdrive); MINI (12AX7, single EL84 – a no-frills tone monster that responds incredibly to picking dynamics); plus bass, acoustic, and flat. Amplifier also offers the effects that enhance and complement the playing, room-filling reverbs and delays to push the playing to new levels, and a TAPE ECHO effect that captures the detail of an analogue machine, right down to the wow and flutter of the repeats. Amplifier was developed with Yamaha's award-winning AV division to offer true hi-fi stereo sound, with two full-range 8cm speakers. The exclusive, specially designed speaker enclosure is optimised to handle both guitar and stereo playback sounds. New Extended Stereo Technology creates an incredibly wide, spacious audio image. Stereo tracks and studio quality reverb take on a depth unimaginable from such a small enclosure. Two-way power supply allows the unit to operate on AC (PSU supplied) or battery power. Virtual Tube Illumination includes a simulated orange tube glow from the metal speaker grille. Amplifier is bundled with Cubase AI, Steinberg's professional music production application that offers full-fledged recording and editing. The THR Editor, available for download from //download. yamaha. com, offers deep editing of amp and effect parameters using a computer. Additional in-depth controls include compressor and noise gate functions. Amplifier’s design also provides stereo playback from smartphone or other device through its AUX jack or direct from your computer via the USB connection. Yamaha also provides the THR Session, an iOS app which is optimized for this amplifier – it allows slowing down songs without losing audio quality, changing the pitch or repeating any segment of a song to learn even the trickiest guitar part. USB cable, stereo mini cable and Cubase AI Download Information Sheet are all included. Dimensions: 360 x 183.5 x 140 mm. Weight: 2.8 kg. Продукт известен още и като THR 10
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