ARCTIC F12 Pro TC 120mm (AFACO-12PT0-GBA01)

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ARCTIC (AFACO-12PT0-GBA01) Вентилатор Arctic Fan F12 Pro TC - 120mm/400-1300rpm

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Arctic (629) Вентилатор 120mm, Arctic Fan F12 Pro TC

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Arctic F12 PRO TC (AFACO-12PT0-GBA01)

14,00 лв
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Тип  активен охладител
Вентилатор за Кутия
Обороти на вентилатора 1300 об/мин
Въздушен поток  33 CFM
Размери 120 x 120 x 38 мм
Тегло 140 г

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- тих вентилатор 120мм на 38,5мм, 12 волта, 400-1300 оборота в минута, 33CFM, вградена антивибрация, с термоконтрол

Гаранция: 24 месеца
Тегло: 0.19 кг

120mm Case Fan
Temperature Controlled
   Temperature Controlled High Performance Case Fans
The intelligent programmed temperature controller and accurate temperature detection make ARCTIC F Pro TC the best TC fans in the market.
Main feaures
Temperature sensor on a 40cm long cable
Accurate case temperature detection
Cable can be positioned in wherever necessary 
Extremely quiet - only 0.3 Sone 
Patented fan holder eliminates the buzzing sound
Patented vibration absorption Cutting-edge thermal management concept
Unlike other generic temperature controlled case fans, the ARCTIC F Pro TC fan provides cooling according to not only the temperature, but also the overall necessity for cooling.

The revolutionary programmed temperature controller plays a key role. As shown in the chart, when case ambient air temperature is at safe level 0°C to 32°C, the ARCTIC F Pro TC fan speed remains at its lowest (500 rpm). This is to offer adequate ventilation at the lowest noise level possible. The ARCTIC F Pro TC is therefore completely inaudible (0.05 sone) at low temperatures – a much quieter level than generic TC fans.

However, once a gaming system is at load, the case ambient air temperature will go up speedily, and without any case fans, most likely it will rise above 40°C, an overheated level for most PC cases. High performance and instant cooling is vital at this stage in order to eliminate the risk of overheating and system instability.

The ARCTIC F Pro TC is programmed to achieve top fan speed at 38°C. The fan responses to the rise in temperature swiftly – within a critical 6°C range, the rpm of the ARCTIC F Pro TC fan increases from around 500 to its maximum of 2,000 rpm (the steep curve in the chart). Heat is dissipated from the case rapidly in order to achieve immediate cooling. As a result, the case air temperature remains at 38°C or below and thus the possibility of having a system failure can be eliminated.

Highly flexible – sensor on a 40cm cable
The accurate temperature sensor of the ARCTIC F Pro TC is equipped at the end of a 40cm cable. This gives much better flexibility when choosing the most appropriate spot that users would like to have the temperature detection.
  Dimensions:  120 L x 120 W x 38.5 H mm Fan Speed:  400 - 1300 RPM Air Flow:  33 CFM / 55.8 m 3 /h Noise Level:  0.4 Sone Weight:  140 g    

   09 / 2009
UnlimitPC: ARCTIC F Pro TC
ARCTIC F Pro TC equips with an accurate temperature sensor and controls the fan speed significantly in the critical 6 degree. It operates nearly silence at only 0.05 to 0.4 sone. Together with the 40cm sensor cable, it offers a flexible solution for selecting a suitable temperature checking point.      Продукт известен още и като F 12 Pro TC 120 mm AFACO 12 PT 0 GBA 01, F12ProTC120mmAFACO12PT0GBA01, F12 Pro TC 120mm (AFACO 12PT0 GBA01), F12ProTC120mmAFACO-12PT0-GBA01, F 12 Pro TC 120mm (AF ACO-12PT0-GBA01), F12 Pro TC 120mm (AFACO-12PT0-GBA 01)
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