ARCTIC F8 PWM PST 80mm 2000rpm (AFACO-080P0-GBA01)

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ARCTIC (AFACO-080P0-GBA01) Вентилатор Arctic Fan F8 PWM PST - 80mm/700-2000rpm

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Arctic Cooling Вентилатор Arctic Fan F8 PWM - 80mm/700-2000rpm (AFACO 080P0 GBA01)

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ARCTIC (afaco-080p0-gba01) Вентилатор arctic f8 pwm pst

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Arctic Вентилатор Arctic Fan F8 PWM PST - 80mm/700-2000rpm (AFACO-080P0-GBA01)

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ARCTIC f8 pwm pst вентилатор за кутия 80x80x25 afaco-080p0-gba01, arctic-fan-afaco-080p0-gba01

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Тип  активен охладител
Вентилатор за Кутия
Обороти на вентилатора 2000 об/мин

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80 mm PWM Case Fan
  < /p>     High Performance Case Fans with PWM Sharing Technology
The ARCTIC F PWM fans outerperform other 80mm/92mm/120mm fans in the market. The patented PWM Sharing Technology (PST) regulates the speed up to 5 fans via BIOS. With efficient central cooling, the ARCTIC F PWM fans offer excellent cooling and noise control performance for the system.
Main features
    Patented PWM Sharing Technology (PST)
    Extremely quiet
    High air flow and static pressure
    Low noise impeller
    Fluid dynamic bearing extends service
                  How does PST lower the temperature of the entire case?
Featuring PWM function, the ARCTIC F PWM fans run at the most necessary speed to deliver maximum cooling capacity at the lowest noise level possible. On top of that, thanks to the patented innovative PWM Sharing Technology (PST) , up to 5 fans (including CPU fans) can be connected to the ARCTIC F PWM fan to share the PWM signal. The speed of all the fans in this PST system is now centrally controlled by a single PWM signal via BIOS.

As a result, when the system load increases, fan speed of all fans connected in the PST system will be increased in order to lower the case temperature. Likewise, when the load is low, these fans will operate at a relatively low speed for sufficient cooling.

In conclusion, the advantages of having PST are:
(1)Control the speed of different fans with only one PWM signal from the mainboard(2)Case ventilation can be achieved in a quiet and efficient way. More fans run slower at low load, which deliver sufficient cooling at a much quieter operation than before(3)Better energy saving as fans are not always at full load         PST:  PWM amplifier integrated on motor circuit  4 pin plug for receiving power and PWM signal from motherboard  4 pin socket for CPU cooler or second fan  3 pin plug to send fan RPM signal to motherboard Dimensions: 80 L x 80 W x 25 H mm Rated Fan Speed:  700 - 2000 RPM (controlled by PWM)
Air Flow:  28 CFM / 47.6 m 3 /h Noise Level:  0.3 Sone
Weight:  70 g Bearing:  Fluid Dynamic Bearing            

        10 / 2009
Techgiant : Arctic F PWM Fan Series
Thanks to the patented PWM Sharing Technology the fans from ARCTIC COOLING stay silent but still work effective, specially when several fans are linked by PST.
The buffered-mounting makes the fans spinning silently, even under full load.   10 / 2009
Freeocen. de : Arctic F PWM Series
Finally we can say, that ARCTIC COOLING launched with the ARCITC F PWM-Sereies a very nice product. The fans were pleasantly silent, when they were connected to a PWM-socket.
The PWM Sharing Technology is a great feature giving the chance to control a complete case-fan-system via one PWM-Signal through the BIOS.
This way its easy to setup a case-ventilation system without the need of a fan-controller and create a silent yet powerful system.     

  Продукт известен още и като F 8 PWM PST 80 mm 2000 rpm AFACO 080 P 0 GBA 01, F8PWMPST80mm2000rpmAFACO080P0GBA01, F8 PWM PST 80mm 2000rpm (AFACO 080P0 GBA01), F8PWMPST80mm2000rpmAFACO-080P0-GBA01, F 8 PWM PST 80mm 2000rpm (AF ACO-080P0-GBA01), F8 PWM PST 80mm 2000rpm (AFACO-080P0-GBA 01)


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