Noiseblocker BlackSilentPRO PK-1

Noiseblocker BlackSilentPRO PK-1

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Тип активен охладител
Вентилатор заКутия
Обороти на вентилатора700 об/мин

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140 мм вентилатор от PRO серията на Noiseblocker, напълно безшумен

Гаранция: 72 месеца
Тегло: 0.30 кг

The new premium fan Series based on the frame of the NB-BlackSilentFan, the electronic NB-EKA Plus and the bearing NB-NanoSLI is based on the High End Series NB-Multiframe. Beside the technical settings the BlackSilentPro fans are equipped with an individual prolongable cablemanagment. The new developed mountingset incl. the "NB-Silentframe" with the complement rubber part and the long screws with knurled nuts for tool-free assembly is also included. Product Information PerformanceLoudness (db)Datasheet700 U/min
lowspeed: < 49 m³/h
0,72 Watt
9 dBA Download EAN Code : 4250051904451TYP : casefan, radiatorfan, power supply fan
speed range: 4,5/ 6 / 9/ 12 V = 530/ 700/ 700/ 700 U/min
  • Original (((Noiseblocker))) Quality
    extrem silent, reliable and fail-proof
  • Cablemanagment
    sleeved cable 20 + 50cm
  • mountingset "vibration free"
    Silentframe siliconframe / gasket + knurled nut
  • gasket for more pressure e. g for radiator etc.
    perfect sealing for more air pressure
  • nearly no impuls noise by NB-EKAPlus Drive
  • nearly noiseless NB-NanoSLI bearing
  • startvoltage 4,5V
  • autorestart Funktion
  • cool design black foggy / glossy transparent
Technic al Data:  Size : 140x140x25mm
Weight :  135g
Rated Voltage: 12 V
Operating Voltage: 4-13,8 V
Startvoltage : 4,5 Volt
Input Power: 0,72 Watt
Input current: 0,06A (Max)
RPM : 700 (+/- 10%)
Dielectric strength: 5 mA (Max)
Static pressure: 0,952 mm-H2O
Air Flow: 49 m3/h / 28.8CFM
acustical noise: ca. 9 dB/A
MTBF (25°C) : 180 000 Std.
Connector : plugable 3 Pin Molex with signal wire
Warrenty : 6 Years Developed of and with customers ! The equipment of the new fans, which shall requires to the users needs as optimally as possible, was hot discussed by the members of the online Community of Hardwareluxx. de. There were different views regarding the optimal RPM and the necessaryairflow. In addition, detailed equipment characteristics such as autorestart function, controllability, cable length or optics played an important role on the user side. The details of the discussion can be reread in the forum Thread of hardwareluxx. de: //www. hardwareluxx. de. . Developed with the online community of HardwareluxxAwards < /p>    Продукт известен още и като BlackSilentPRO PK 1, BlackSilentPROPK1, BlackSilentPROPK-1

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