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Тип активен охладител
Вентилатор заПроцесор
Обороти на вентилатора2800 об/мин
Въздушен поток 48.2 CFM

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Minato - SP530S0

The Minato is the selection for the cost driven pc systems of today. Straight forward specifications and cost down materials makes the Minato the perfect solution to cool the LGA 775 bases Celeron and Core 2 due micro processors up to 65W.

A all aluminum single finned omni-directional heat-sink enables sufficient heat transfer from the cpu heat source to the ambient case environment. The heat-sink is topped with a round 92mm by 25mm dc fan spinning at just 2800 RPM which makes this cpu cooler near silent.

Installation is made easy by pre-applying the heat-sink base with White, Stars-420 heat-sink interface material. This save the hassle of applying grease a the right location and amount for better contact with the processor's heat-spreader. Another time saving feature are the pre-installed 4 mounting screws which foster flux en secure installation of the Minato.

* Sleeve bearing black 90mm fan
* Omni-Directional aluminum heat-sink
* Near silent at only 34 dBA
* Pre-applied thermal interface material
* Pre-installed solid mounting screws
* Compatible with the latest Intel micro-processors

Heat sink :95?95?18 mm (l ? w ? h)
12VDC Fan :95?95?25 mm

BearingSleeve bearing

Rated speed
Cooler :2800 RPM +/-10%
Only Fan :2700 RPM +/-10%

Rated power3.6 W
Rated Voltage12.0 V
Noise level34.0 dBA
Air flow48.2 CFM
Current0.30 A
Connector3 PIN (2510)

Intel Celeron D (340J)
Intel Core 2 Duo (775 Dual-core)
Intel LGA775 (Prescott)

Thermal resistance0.4 oC/W
Thermal pasteStars-350
Static Pressure3.22 mmH2O
Life hours30,000H
Operating Temperature-10~70 oC
Storage Temperature-40~70 oC
Packaging typebrown box
Package includesBlack Plate, manual
N. W0.179 KG
G. W0.24 KG
Life hoursSleeve: 30.000
FeaturesOmni-directional, Single fin, Aluminum Heat-sink, Intel Approved Push-pin and Tool-free mounting Продукт известен още и като MiNato 90 x 25 mm SP 530 S 0, MiNato90x25mmSP530S0, MiNato 9 0x25mm (SP53 0S 0)
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